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The True Story of UFOs-Part IV by Stephen Yulish PhD

By Stephen Yulish PhD
In these final selections from my novel, The Great Harpazo Deception, Judah, his wife Dawn and his mother Bertha find themselves on a plane to Israel when the extraterrestrial Azazel enters the plane and wreaks mayhem. Then a Rabbi Bernstein, who's in a hospital room in Israel trying to convince a famous Rabbi Waxman that Jesus is the Truth and the Way, is later attacked by Azazel. Finally, the catching away happens and those left behind blame Azazel and his UFOs for the disappearances.

These final excerpts from the novel once more demonstrate my belief that UFOs are indeed real but are manifestations of demonic spiritual deception that will try and explain to those left behind that those caught away to be with the Lord were instead abducted by UFOs.

"Is that Azazel, Yehudah?" the Captain questioned while not moving a muscle.

"It is Captain," Judah replied as he got on his knees and called upon the Holy Spirit to cover him with the full armor of God one more time. He was bathed in the sparkling rain of the righteousness of God and was covered in the full armor. Meanwhile, co- pilot Haralick had left his seat and was cowering under the flight panel.

"Make it go away, Yehudah," he shouted as he trembled in abject fear.

"Yehuda," Captain Labensky asked forebodingly. "What do you think it wants with us?"

"I think that it wants me, Captain," Judah shouted as he went right up to the window and stared at the terrifying image hovering outside. "Well you stupid beast, what do you want with me?"

"You know our plans, Judah," Azazel screeched. "You must die along with your cohorts. We cannot let you reveal our coming deception to the whole world."

Suddenly, Azazel was inside the cabin. His huge black wings were taller than the cockpit ceiling and folded over. His white eyes had become a crimson blazing red and he screeched like a wild banshee. Captain Labensky put the plane on autopilot and got out of his seat and went behind Judah. Haralick just lay on the floor shaking in uncontrollable fear. Judah's mother and Dawn and the others in the plane heard the terrifying noise and attempted to enter the cockpit in mass but there was not enough room for all of them. Once they saw or heard what was going on most went screaming back to their seats and hid their heads in fear and began to pray.

"Azazel?'' Dawn yelled. "Oh my God it is Azazel. God help us!"

"Look at my boy Judah," Bertha yelled. "He has put on the suit of armor once again. With that on he can battle that beast like he has done before. Get out of here you creature of the night before my tatellah slices you to pieces. Go back to the pits of hell where you belong."

"Oh my God, look at that thing!" Jennifer screamed along with her sister. "Is that Satan? Oh my God, I am going to pass out."

Jennifer and her sister Rebecca both collapsed from the frightening sight of Azazel. Their dad, Captain Knowington, dragged them both to the back of the plane as he also stared in a state of fear at Azazel. He remembered all too clearly their last encounter.

"You are going to Israel," Azazel bellowed. "That is where the final battle will take place. We have blinded the people there for two thousand years. Their Messiah came and they crucified Him. Your God sent Him and we had him killed by the very people whom had longed for Him. HAA! HAA! What a deception. Then we confused and deluded the early Church in Rome to ignore the Jewishness of that Jesus and His disciples. They slaughtered the Jews, their brothers, in the Crusades and the Inquisition. Then we confused the great Protestant Reformer, Martin Luther, into condemning the Jews and influencing Hitler's Holocaust of the Jews. When this Jesus returns to the Mount of Olives the Jews will crucify Him again because of how we have deceived them so. HAA! HAA!"

"Shut up you beast from Hell!" Judah yelled as he walked right up to the black winged demon.

"Nobody wants to hear your lies. We are all believers, and we know that what you are saying is truth mixed with lies. The Jews did not kill Messiah. He willingly came to the Earth to die for our sins. He said that He could have called legions of angels to help Him on the Cross but He did not so that His atoning role could be fulfilled. All mankind put him on the Cross for their sins. He was the blood sacrifice, the Passover Lamb who took away the sins of the world. Without his atoning death we would have no hope for the remission of our sins. His shed blood on Calvary washed us clean and defeated your kind once and for all. And He is not dead but sits at the right hand of the Father.

That horrible lie that the Jews killed Christ has been used by the Church historically as a reason to persecute the Jews. You have deluded good Christian people into denying their own Bible and going after the Jews. And of course, you know Beast, that when Yeshua returns to the Mount of Olives as it says in Zechariah all the Jews will be covered by a spirit of grace and supplication and realize that Yeshua was their Messiah all of the time. They will cry out as a mother does for a first born son. He will then defeat you and your Master at the battle of Armageddon. I know that you know that, so why do you continue to lie and try and deceive people?"

"Because we want to take as many people with us to the Lake of Fire as we can, especially all of God's first born children the Jews. We know our destiny, but we also know that we can continue to deceive and delude people into ignoring the truth and believing a lie right up to the end. Our mission is to deceive the people left behind when you are removed, into believing that the bad people were removed not the good people. We have been confusing good with evil since the garden. We will continue to do it right up until the end! HAA! HAA!" Judah charged at Azazel and with his Sword of the Spirit he whacked away at Azazel's wings. Pieces of black hot feathers spewed all over the cabin. Azazel screeched an ungodly roar and flung a flaming missile at Judah. Judah used his Shield of Faith to ricochet it back right into Azazel's face. It burst into flame and Azazel was gone. Judah fell to his knees and thanked God for the strength and resources He had given him to thwart the enemy one more time. Captain Labensky looked up and uncovered his eyes for the first time in several minutes. He had been shaking so hard that he had feared that he would have a heart attack. Copilot Haralick was discovered under the flight console with his hair as white as snow and sticking out in all directions. His eyes were frozen open in a terrifying stare as he had been scared to death.

"Baruch Hashem, Yehuda!" Captain Labensky cried out as he moved over to embrace Judah. "Thank Hashem for you. I told you that Hashem chose you for a special reason. I had heard about this beast Azazel, but I never would have guessed how terrifying it would be. It killed my poor dear friend Avraham. Oy vey ist mir! I will have to tell his family. They are not believers. What can I say? That he was scared to death by a beast from Gehanna?" pages 232-233

As Rabbi Bernstein was still trying to convince Rebbe Waxman of his beliefs, Azazel suddenly appeared in the room in all its resplendent horror. It lifted up his wings and shrieked, "Death to all who would disrupt the plan of my Master!"

Rebbe Waxman's feisty good nature quickly turned to fear and loathing at the sight of the beast. He ran and cowered in the corner of the room.

"Is dat de Abracadabra, Yacov?" He cried out."Oy gevalt! My wife used to pray a kineahora to vard of such evil spirits!"

"It is His angel, Azazel!" Rabbi Bernstein answered trying to remain calm. "It has been after Yehudah and us all along. I told you dat all dis vas true. I'm not crazy now am I Rebbe?"

"You called it Azazel?" Rabbi Waxman asked as he shook in fear and trembling.

"In the Apocalypse of Abraham, Azazel is accused of having scattered over de earth de secrets of heaven and having rebelled against the mighty one! Azazel is also the demon who inhabited the Judean wilderness and it vas de place vere de Yom Kippur goat vas driven. Oy vey ist mir!"

Judah heard a commotion in the room and he burst in quickly followed by Dawn and the Doctors.

"Oh my God, it is Azazel!" Dawn shouted as she quickly retreated from the room. "Take care of him Judah!"

"What the hell is that?" Dr. Katz screamed as he turned white as snow and collapsed on the floor.

Dr. Friedman began yelling in abject fear and horror as he gazed into the face of the beast. He pulled Shmuel's body from the room and slammed the door. He then fell down and began sobbing at the experience.

"What the hell was that?" he asked Dawn.

"You are right Doctor it is from Hell," Dawn shouted at the Doctor. "It is a fallen angel of Hasatan who has been after us. Judah told you that it was a matter of National Security. Actually it is a matter of Eternal Security. The forces of Satan, the forces of evil, are battling the forces of Hashem and Yeshua. You have witnessed something that few people have lived to tell about.

Judah will fight the beast and rescue the Rabbis. You better talk to your Believing daughter about what all of this means. Otherwise you will find yourself with these same beasts for all eternity when you die!"

Dr. Katz slowly regained consciousness and Dr. Friedman grabbed a hold of him and ran down the hall. They both slipped and fell several times, but they were so scared that they wanted to get as far away as possible as soon as possible. Neither of them dared to look back even for an instant. Judah immediately prayed for the Holy Spirit to clothe him in the Holy Armor of God which it did almost instantaneously.

"Judah, HA!" You never give up do you?" Azazel bellowed. "You will never recruit this poor old Rabbi Waxman. He is ours forever as are his thousands of followers. He will never accept the truth of Yeshua because we have so confused the Jews with our lies and deceptions. We have misled so called Christians to persecute and hate and even to murder the very people that gave them their Messiah. We have gotten them to kill the very people who brought our nemesis into this world and then first spread His message of Salvation. Rabbi Waxman is one of our greatest triumphs. A good man who loves his God, but a man who is still blind to the truth that only those who trust and believe in Yeshua will not perish like us, but will have eternal life with Him!"

Judah took his sword and ran it into the face of the beast without a moment's hesitation. Azazel shrieked an ungodly roar and attempted to hurl one of his flaming missiles at Rabbi Bernstein but he appeared already dead. It shrieked and shrieked and found Rebbe Waxman cowering in the corner of the room. It flung a missile at him which barely missed but hit on the wall above him and started an incendiary conflagration. Judah smacked Azazel across the head with his shield and knocked him across the room. Azazel struggled to get up and moved again towards Rebbe Waxman. Judah charged after it and continued swinging his sword and using his shield to ward off the beast's flaming missiles. The room was now ablaze and the fire alarm had gone off and the sprinklers had gone off to no avail with so much heat and red hot fire. Dawn came into the room reluctantly as she smelled the smoke and felt the heat. She grabbed Rabbi Waxman and dragged him out of the room. He was dazed and in shock. Judah continued to battle Azazel.

"You will not succeed Judah because Rabbi Bernstein is already dead," Azazel shrieked. "There will be no one left to tell the people what really happened to you. They will bow down and worship us as their emancipators from your fanatical Evangelical Christians! HA! HA!"

Judah looked over at Rabbi Bernstein and he did appear to be gone. He ran over to him and found his abdomen had been ripped open by the shrapnel from Hadad's hand grenade. Judah felt his neck and there was a slight pulse but the good Rabbi was slipping fast. Judah knelt beside him and prayed. He begged the Lord to not take him home yet because he was not finished with Rabbi Waxman. Azazel saw what was going on and immediately began hurling his flaming missiles at Judah and Rabbi Bernstein. He began to scream a blood curdling cry that sent shivers up the spine of Dawn and Rabbi Waxman who were cowering outside the room.

"I never tought dat I vould meet Hasatan or one of his angels, Dawn," Rabbi Waxman whispered as he shook uncontrollably. "I still cannot understand vy it vants me?"

"Because you are to be used by Yeshua in a mighty way, Rebbe," Dawn replied as she held him tight. "Yeshua is coming to take his followers away from this beast. Those left behind will be told that extraterrestrials abducted us but as you can see it is a demonic being not an ET." Pages 266-268

The Shofar blew one more time as it had for dozens of times since last night but this time a chill ran through the spines of all Believers. It quickened their inner spirit for an instant. Then Yeshua Himself descended from Heaven as Scripture had prophesied. Judah's imperishable spirit body began to rise slowly into the sky. His clothes and his wedding ring and watch remained but his body rose. Dawn saw this and fell to her knees crying with joy. She looked up and the sky was suddenly full of UFOs.

"It is here, the Rapture is here", she screamed. "Praise God!" Rabbi Klingfeldt, Yossi, Rabbi Waxman, Shmuel and the other Believers began to scream and praise God. Holmes became dizzy and sat down next to his son in law who was in shock. Drs. Katz and Friedman also looked bewildered at Judah's clothing and jewelry left behind. Dr. Friedman began to throw up from the shock of it all. Yitzchak raced over and looked at the clothing.

"He must have been taken by someone in those flying saucers," Yitzchak yelled as he looked up at the UFOs. "Oy vey ist mir! What is happening here?" Then in the next instant, as the Bible predicted, those Believers who were alive and remained were caught up together with the risen dead believers in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. Rabbi Waxman and Yossi and Shmuel and the other Believers as well as Dawn, Bertha, Ann and Jennifer were gone in an instant leaving behind only their clothes and jewelry and Bibles. Rebecca began to scream as her mother and sister suddenly disappeared and she was left behind. Pages 301-302

I pray that you all have enjoyed these passages from my novel, The Great Harpazo Deception: the real story of UFOs and I hope that you will now want to read the entire novel. If you desire to find out what happens to those left behind after this catching away of the Believers, then you also need to read the sequel, Invasion: Israel. In this novel, those left behind experience anarchy, terrorism, nuclear devastation, earthquakes, famine and pestilence. A group of Muslim nations led by a Russian General invade Israel. The extraterrestrial, Azazel, is still present and it beheads anyone calling out the Name of Jesus. This novel is ripped from today's headlines and tomorrow's fears. Check it out here. It will hopefully convince you that you don't want to be left behind when the Harpazo happens and experience this hellish time of tribulation on earth with the extraterrestrial, Azazel.
God Bless.

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