Thursday, May 21, 2009

Patrick Heron Double Header

A Bible Prophecy Double Billing: Phil Arms and Patrick Heron Talk About Anti-Christ, Last Days & New World Order
Phil Arms ( will be discussing his new book, The Man Who Would Be God. While an exciting fictional account, it also serves as a warning about these last days and the rise of the Anti-Christ. Phil has been involved in ministry for over 3 decades and has studied Bible Prophecy extensively. He will be talking about his book in this context on The Big Finale, 7pm Pacific, at Patrick Heron ( will also join Bruce at 8:30pm at bigfinale to unveil his new EBook, The Return of The Anti-Christ and the New World Order. Patrick's book explains the prophecies of the Bible and how they seem to line up with current events.

Paddy Heron Releases New E-Book: To Be On Coast-To-Coast Discussing Antichrist, New World Order
It is almost universally agreed by commentators that we are in what is called the Last Days. Because of this, speculation is mounting as to who the Antichrist might be? Down through history, many have been portrayed as this evil leader who is to come and plunge the world into a bloody Apocalypse. From Caesar to Nero and the early Popes, and more recently Stalin and Hitler and even American Presidents, all have been labelled as he. Indeed, many evangelical Christians are convinced that the present leader of the United States is, without doubt, the dreaded Antichrist. However, all of these speculators and commentators have one thing in common. They are all wrong. For the name of the Antichrist, his present abode, and when he will emerge onto the world-stage, is all hidden in plain sight in the text of the Book of Revelation.

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