Wednesday, December 01, 2010

L.A. Marzulli’s Monthly News Magazine

This is a must have for anyone interested in end times Biblical prophecy, and how it ties in with UFOs, aliens, and the last days deception that is coming upon this earth. Lynn is a great author and researcher, and the guest columnists, which include Bruce Collins, Michael Heiser, Stephen Yulish, Jim Wilhelmsen, Bill Salus, and Minister Dante Fortson are excellent. Do yourself a favor and subscribe today!

Monthly Digital News Magazine

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Each issue is filled with:
  • Fascinating articles on Politics, Current Events, Prophesy in the News and the on-going supernatural manifestations.
  •  In depth commentary
  • Riveting interviews
  • Each issue contains interactive links to related web sites

Now only $1.50 per month

I have to say that your monthly newsletter is well worth the read and at $1.50 a month I cannot imagine why everybody who has internet does not get it..
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