Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bruce Collins: I Fly Solo This Week On The Show...

I had so much fun taping the show last night- I hope it translates well to radio. My voice was a little hoarse when I was done. It was an 'ecclectic blend.'

- Boy George and Lady GaGa
- healthcare
- the new healthcare song (written by Bruce and some of it in English!)
- Lawsuits over healthcare
- The creeping IRS power in new bill
- Singling out Attorney General of New Hampshire
- Epic Beard Man (view him on youtube- pardon the profanity there)
- The media filter: Reuters and AP and the rest
- Bush- Hinkley connection
- A future Obama Jobs Program?
- FDR and the great depression
- Keynesian economics
- Keynes' secret societies and sexual preference
- How inflation works
- Good news 'tease'
- My past
- Legalism in Christianity
- How to become a Christian
- Believers or Repenters?
- The Parable of the Prodigal Son
- How to Find Rest in Jesus Christ
- The Forgiveness of Sins- the beginning or the foundation?
- farewell

Yes, I discussed all that in one hour and not in a typical, dry fashion. I desire to bring people in who wouldn't normally listen to a show that would discuss these types of topics.

Whew! Just reading it makes me tired!

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