Friday, January 14, 2011

L.A. Marzulli's "The Watchers" DVD is now available!

Here's the link to the trailer!

The Watchers DVD is now shipping! Go to and get your copy today! Watchers: UFOs are Real, Burgeoning and Not Going Away! The movie is 50 minutes long and features never seen before footage of Dr. Roger Leir and so-called Alien Implants, as well as cattle mutilations, ECETI Ranch, and more!

Pinlight is delving into the paranormal in this documentary on UFOs, hosted by the expert on the Nephillim, LA Marzulli. One of the leading experts in the field and author of several books on the topic including the most recent, The Alien Interviews. Marzulli looks at the current manifestations of UFO activity worldwide and relates these experiences to what ancient texts say about them, as well as current understanding. There is no doubt that UFOs are here and not going away. What does this mean? What are interdimensional beings? What are Orbs and why are all these things happening now? Has humanity finally become enlightened enough to accept new life forms? This documentary will bring LA Marzulli, a favorite on the wildly popular Coast to Coast AM, into a realistic discussion on UFOs, entities, and actual facts that are surrounding them. See the teaser above.

Watchers DVD!
Get the DVD that has everyone talking!
This is the best DVD that’s come across my desk in a long time, and I’ve seen just about everything.— Bob Ulrich, Prophecy in the News
Dear L.A., just wanted to let you know I watched your Watchers DVD and it is GREAT! Everyone needs to see this!— Dawn
Watchers DVD is the best production I have ever witnessed regarding the UFO phenomena!— Chris Ward
I honestly want EVERYONE I know to watch it. Seriously. I wish I had the money
to send a copy to everyone I know.— She She Kilough
Well to begin it is one of, if not, the best video documentary I have ever seen.
Dirk Vander Ploeg UFO Digest

Get yours now for only $15.00 + (S&H)

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