Friday, June 24, 2011

"Phonehenge West" Documentary by Devin Schiro

Alan Kimble "Kim" Fahey has spent more than twenty years working, mostly single-handedly, to turn his Acton, California property into the wonderland of habitable sculpture he has named "Phonehenge West." He is retired from a 30-year career as a phone service technician.

Hundreds of people have visited the property and admired the wonderful invention and solid construction of Kim's buildings...even the unfinished segments are beautiful. Now the County of Los Angeles has declared its intent to condemn not only his work, but the man himself to a jail term longer than those handed out for some violent crimes against actual victims.

I encourage you to judge for yourself whether the County's obstructive hard line is reasonable and just, or a gross miscarriage of justice.

You are invited to join a growing community of people who protest what we consider the senseless persecution of a man whose only "offense" is taking a stand on behalf of beauty, creativity, and the inalienable right of free expression.

Become a Friend of Save Phonehenge West on Facebook, share links to this page with your contacts, and find out how you can speak out to preserve both an artistic landmark and a decent man's freedom.

To join the fight:​PhonehengeW

To donate:

An excellent article on the housing injustices occurring in the Antelope Valley, Phonehenge included:​2011-06-23/​news/​l-a-county-s-private-property-war/​

Kim's book, "Hollywood Unlisted"

Feel free to call Kim & Pat Fahey at 661-269-0605. They're extremely friendly people, and would love to talk to you about what's going on.

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