Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Secrets Of The Holy Lance: The Spear Of Destiny In History And Legend" by Jerry E. Smith and George Piccard

As Jesus Christ hung on the cross, a Roman centurion pierced his side with a spear. And there is an ancient legend that whoever possesses this Holy Lance and understands its powers, holds in his hand the destiny of the world. "Secrets of the Holy Lance" traces the Spear from its possession by Constantine to Charlemagne. In the hands of kings and emperors for two thousand years:

* did it come within Hitler's grasp?

* did it rest in Antarctic ice?

* was it infused with magic by shedding Jesus' blood?

* is it now hidden in Europe?

Neither debunking nor worshiping, Smith pierces the veil of myth and mystery around the Spear.

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