Saturday, January 26, 2013

Get The Complete Super Human Workshop Videos

There’s about 15 hours worth of training information available here!

This includes info from the massive and massively strong Dru Patrick:

8 Day a Week Program for Massive Strength and Muscle
Bench Press Secrets from the Raw World Bench Press Champion Pulling a Monster Deadlift

For you bodyweight guys, Logan Christopher taught his most complete info ever on:

Front and Back Lever Training
The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups

The amazing Bud Jeffries covered what he does best…stuff no one else is talking about

Extreme Power with Isometrics Volume 2
Myofascial Mobility: The Next Evolution of Mobility Training to Unlock Your Body
The Mind Force Training Behind Big Bending (which largely features his son Noah Jeffries)

And then Eric Guttmann showing you how to stay young and healthy by going outside the box

Agility and Explosiveness Workout
Moving Freely for Life: Full Body Mobility

There is something for everybody, and that’s the great thing!

With workshops in the past, they’ve only released the whole set. Either buy it or not. Those were your only choices.

Now Logan has told me they’re trying something different.

You can pick up any one course (complete by itself) you want. You can get two, three, or five if you want to.

You can also get the whole shebang for a substantial discount.

Not only that, but for those of you who like DVD’s, they’re available. For those that want to pay less and be able to download the videos to your computer, there’s that option too.

There’s a lot more details over here, so check out this page.

P.S. Also, rest assured, as everything is backed by a 3 month money back guarantee. This is a limited time deal so you’ll want to act now!

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