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Will Something Begin In A Few Days, On July 4?

Will Something Begin In A Few Days, On July 4?RAIDERS NEWS UPDATE EXCLUSIVE
David Flynn releases potentially explosive news regarding this 4th of July

June, 2007

Editor's note: Tom Horn received the information below yesterday. He has forwarded part of the private message from David Flynn, one of Tom's favorite geniuses. Dave may have uncovered astonishing information concerning this 4th of July and the Roswell UFO incident.



Although I won't be joining the information exchange in Roswell this 4th of July in person, I have some info about this years event. For the last 2 years I've become aware that something very significant is going on with the July 4th date throughout history and will be especially important this 2007. Apart from the connection the 4th has with the Roswell incident in the "Cydonian" year 1947, the symbology of the holiday itself connects with the ufo phenomena, Mars and the nephilim.

For example:

On the 4th of July the sun rises in center the constellation Gemini, the zodiac sign that is represented by "pillars" in it's astrological glyph. This is significant with respect to the celestial maps of the early Greeks. Ptolemy assigned the "0" meridian of the heavens at Sirius, the brightest northern star. With the 0 meridian aligned on Sirius, the line continues through the exact center of Gemini, dividing it.

When I checked Skyglobe for the location of Sirius during the morning of the 4th of July in 2007 (7:07 AM) it appears on the horizon at the exact time the sun reaches 19.47 degrees above the horizon. This alignment occurs in the morning when viewed from the latitude of 33 degrees at the location of Roswell, New Mexico, or any place on earth at 33 degrees latitude on July 4th.

Because the precession moves only one degree every 72 years, the 19.47 alignment of the sun and Sirius on July 4th will end after the year 2013 and began around 1940.

Between the years 1776 and 2013, due to precession, the zodiac will have moved 3.3 degrees from its position relative to the sun. When The Declaration of Independence was adopted in July 4th, 1776, (America's division from England) the Sun stood only 16.3 degrees above the horizon when Sirius was on the horizon.

The theme of division of time and space continues in the calendar placement of July 4th itself exactly in the middle of the year. There are 182 days between the 1st of January and the 4th of July. 182.5 x 2 = 365 days. If the suggestion of pillars of Gemini as the number "11" is taken into account, it is perhaps no coincidence that the year 2007 divided by 11 also equals 182.5.

The Gematria values of the name of Jacob is 182, and because Jacob's name was changed to "Israel" by God, Israel can also be pronounced "Yesh - ral" literally meaning "There is 231" according to the early Kabbalists. Sefer Yetzira 2:4

There are 231 years from 1776 to 2007

The sum of latitude 38.5 and longitude 77 of Washington D.C. is 115.5. The sum of Jerusalem's longitude and latitude is 66.6
66.6 + 115.5 = 182.

The sum of latitude and longitude of Washington, D.C., 115.9 doubled = 231

....Washington and Jerusalem are linked in a Pythagorean "all is number" manner. Even the date for the rebirth of Israel 1948, a year that spans 1947 in the Hebrew calendar has 66.6 years until Dec. 21, 2012.

Washington DC's longitude, 77 degrees x 66.6 = 5128.5, Washington's exact distance from Jerusalem.

America's independence year is interactive with the "high number" 33, and the binding and release of Jerusalem by Babylon:

1776 / 3.3 = 538 (538 BC, fall of Babylon and release of the Jews from captivity)

17.76 x 33 = 586 (586 BC, fall of Jerusalem beginning of captivity of the Jews in Babylon)

The longitude of Washington DC is 77........................77 x 3 = 231

The topographical layout of Washington, D.C. was designed as an occult tribute to the Isis-Osiris religion of the Egyptians. The greatest obelisk in the world is there, symbolizing Osiris' phallus, the lost piece of his dismembered body, without which Osiris could not be brought back to life in the flesh. The cryptic presence of the virgin Isis is also represented in Washington, D.C., strategically situated between "Mary" land and "Virgin"ia. Isis was reputed to have immaculately conceived the reincarnated form of Osiris as Horus, "the sun", after Osiris was dismembered.

Osiris was killed twice, strangely, the first was by being sealed in an "ark" and set afloat, the second , dismembered and scattered in the same manner as the knowledge of the Watchers and the population of earth in the fall of the tower of Babel. Osiris' phallus was swallowed by a fish. The age of Pisces began about 2160 years ago, it will end near 2012 at the age of Aquarius.

The star Sirius also represented Osiris in Egyptian cosmology. It's rising and falling coordinated the Egyptian calendar as an allegoric narrative to his death- rebirth, as well as the cycle of the rise and fall of ages. Moreover the Isis-Osiris myth embodied the deeper meaning of the loss of knowledge once having been given to men by "gods" that descended from heaven in the beginning of civilization on earth. Obelisks commemorated the lost regenerative part of Osiris' body that needed to be recovered in order for the next age of rule by the gods could begin.

The Kabalists consider the number 231 as "gates" of creation itself. It would follow that the illuminati understand this and are using the same occult techniques in a wide sense to move into the creation of the New World Order, headed by the Antichrist, and overseen by the Watchers.

The year 2012, I think, is pinned down as the end of the age by the Revelation dragon that sweeps 1/3rd of the stars to the earth. If this image is taken as a pictorial representation of the circular movement of the celestial north pole around Draco, and especially, 1/3rd of the full circuit of precession, it demonstrates something phenomenal.

The tail of Draco lies along 1/3rd of the path that the celestial north pole moves around Draco in one circuit of precession (25,920 years). 1/3rd of that duration is 8,640 years.

To equal 8,640 years one counts backwards 6,660! years from the anchor point of 33 AD ... and forwards from 33 AD, 1,980 years.

6,660 + 1,980 = 8,640 years

33 AD + 1,980 years falls on 2012/2013 AD

2013 - 1947 = 66

2013 - 2007 = 6

Even the number 1,980 is based on 33 and 6

60 x 33 = 1,980

By using the Gregorian calendar, or "watcher" calendar in Latin, the calculations fit into a Roman measure of years, or taken an occult step further... a Martian measurement of years. This timing is anchored to the point in which Jesus RESURRECTED from the dead, when he was 33 years old. One third of precessional time will culminate in 33 x 60 + 33 years from the birth of Jesus, or 33 x 60 from the resurrection of Jesus, according to the Watcher calendar.

One last point:

The span of exactly 2,000 days will remain between the 4th of July 2007 until December 21st 2012. This is 5.55555555 x 360 day years. Why is this important?

The prophet Daniel counts the last "week" of years before the Messiah returns, in 360 day years. At the midpoint of the 7 year countdown, 1,260 days, the Antichrist kills the two witnesses and defiles the rebuilt temple of Jerusalem.

After 3 days the two witnesses will be resurrected and rise into heaven. If one counts 1,260 days backwards from December 21st, 2012 AD,(3 DAYS before CHRISTMAS!) the date falls on the week of the 7th of July, 2009, 3 days after "INDEPENDENCE day".

According to Daniel, the 7 year countdown begins at the start of sacrifice on the temple mount in Jerusalem. This could well commence at "Independence" day 2009. After 1,260 days on December 21st, 2012, the two witnesses are killed in Jerusalem and left laying in the streets for 3 days. During this 3 days before Christmas, the ritual of sending gifts takes place. How ironic would it be that on the culmination of this pagan holiday on the 25th, a holiday supposing to worship the birth of Christ with "buying and selling", set in Gregorian calendar purportedly anchored to his birth, that the resurrection of the witnesses occurs?

"And I will give [power] unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth...And their dead bodies [shall lie] in the street of the great city,... where also our Lord was crucified...And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and SHALL SEND GIFTS ONE TO ANOTHER; And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet;...And they ascended up to heaven IN A CLOUD;"

Note this promise:

"...the DEAD IN CHRIST SHALL RISE FIRST:Then we which are alive [and] remain shall be caught up together with them IN THE CLOUDS." 1Thes 4:16,17

Might it be deduced from these passages that the two witnesses constitute part of "the dead in Christ" and therefore those alive in Christ will rise immediately after the two witnesses?

Is this then, the meaning of 2012? Is it the reason the number of the year is so inextricably connected with the resurrection of Christ at 33? Is 2012 the "great year of mystery" spoken of by Enoch?

This scenario seems to fit the "mid- tribulation" rapture theory. However, because of errors in interpretation of the actual "time of Jacob's trouble", a duration of only 3 & 1/2 years- the 7 year "tribulation" is in actuality a time DIVIDED by 3 & 1/2 years of false peace set up by the Antichrist, and a second half of divine judgment over the whole earth for the next 3 & 1/2 years. This fulfills not only the "pre-wrath" version of the rapture, but also the understanding that the Antichrist will "war with the saints" in the first half of the 7 year countdown before the Messiah returns.

It is a mind boggling and exciting prospect to say the least. However, I am only cracking the numbers. God is sovereign. I am not giving prophecy or saying that this is THE way it will happen, only that it makes better chronological sense than any timeline I've ever seen. It also make the occult meaning of the 4th of July very, very powerful indeed.



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