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60 Years after Roswell: We do need a Paradigm Shift in our Thinking by Stephen Yulish PhD

I just finished reading Richard Boylan PhD's article in the July 9,2007 issue of UFO Digest entitled "Earth's First Step in Joining the Cosmic Family: Have Some of the Cosmic family Join Us" as well as Michael E. Salla PhD's article in the same issue entitled "The Physics of Extraterrestrials: Develop a Typology of Extraterrestrial Activities and Motivation" and finally, I read Alfred Lambremont's article in the July 4 edition of UFO Digest entitled "Exopolitics: A new Way to Understand Extraterrestrials". As the 60th anniversary of the Roswell Incident has come and past on July 8, I began to reflect on what these articles were trying to tell me.

Dr.Boylan spoke of a group of twelve Star Visitors who want to come to the Earth because their planet is dying. He spoke incredibly about their food and drink needs, and than said that they were all as smart as our PhD's and would be able "to help us save Gaia, Mother Earth Being". One was an energy cleanup and one was an environmental specialist. He even went so far as to say that that the CIA and NSA were on the verge of also welcoming these Star Visitors. Those guys could not find Saddam Hussein's WMDs and were clueless about the Iranian Islamic Revolution and the Berlin Wall coming down, and he wants me to believe anything that they say? And how could he possibly know the Star Visitors dietary preferences and work skills? Did the CIA tell him? In my mind, there is definitely a Left Wing, peacenik, anti Bush/Cheney, anti Conservative/Christian, anti War on Terror, pro global warming, political agenda at play here. Some in the movement are also anti-Israel.

Michael E. Salla PhDDr.Salla and Mr. Lambremont are both a part of the Exopolitics Institute which believes that we live in a highly populated universe filled with intelligent beings. They advocate peaceful cooperation with Extraterrestrials and global peace and human empowerment and human sovereignty, whatever that means? They believe that we should be mediated by universe politics? Who determines that? This sounds a bit like Jimmy Carter's peace initiative type mumbo-jumbo.

Dr.Salla is fond of the research of the world renowned scientist, Dr. Michio Kaku, who has created a typology of advanced alien civilizations. Type III is the most advanced and would be "most beneficial for our evolution as a species and a planet." I would ask, 'into what are we supposed to be evolving?'

The Exopolitics Institute is also very fond of the work of Ohio Congressman and 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate, Dennis Kucinich, who is a little left of Fidel Castro. Kucinich introduced legislation to ban weapons in space as a "sacred mission to reclaim heaven" for the "Great Architect". As I said earlier, there is a political agenda at work here to have these aliens come and help us solve our problems of world peace, green technology, global warming and fossil fuels. The aliens are viewed in almost messianic terms. They will come and save us from ourselves. They will bring world peace, save the Earth, and bring a one world religion based on tolerance and equality for all. There will be little room at the table for born again Christians or for Jews or for Israel either for that matter. We will all sit around with the likes of Dennis Kucinich, Michael Moore, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter and the 'aliens" and wear flowers in our hair and sing "The Age of Aquarius" or maybe "Cumbaya" as everything goes to hell.

One thing that Mr. Lambremont mentioned, however, struck a vibrant chord within me. He mentioned Thomas Kuhn's classic work of over 35 years ago entitled The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. In that revolutionary treatise on the philosophy of science which I read in grad school back in the early 70s, Kuhn said that people resist change and cling to their own established world view until contraindications mount and they finally, albeit reluctantly, undergo a "paradigm shift" to a new worldview. I agree with Kuhn and Lambremont but I disagree as to what that paradigm shift should be.

Look, we are all educated, intelligent, reasonable men. Like Drs. Boylan and Salla, I too have a PhD. At the age of twelve, I wrote a story about alien life on Mars for Analog Science Fiction Magazine in 1960. I studied astronomy at Case Institute of Technology later in the 60s and studied under Schrödinger (famous Wave Equation). I read Project Blue Book and The Condon Report. I was a member of NICAP and APRO. I loved flying saucer movies like Earth vs. Flying Saucers and War of the Worlds. I went on to study exobiology and finished with a degree in human evolution-paleontology-and I did it all in four years. I was searching for the meaning of life and our place in the universe as these other good men are doing as well. My senior thesis "Anterior Teeth Reductions in Ramapithecus" was picked up in 1970, a year after I had graduated, by a prominent Japanese Journal, Primates. I opposed the Vietnam War and did not want to be drafted, but I could not get a deferment for grad school, so I went into the Teacher Corps in the inner city of Cleveland and taught fifth grade.

Eventually, I went back to grad school in history and got my MA and PhD from the University of Illinois in 1972, 1975. I began teaching at the University of Arizona in Tucson in 1975 at the age of 27. My interest in UFOs and paranormal phenomena did not wane however. Not only did I hook up with Allen Hyneck's Tucson UFO group, but I taught a grad course on "Alternate Conceptions of Reality". I wrote a novel entitled "The Other World" about the spirit world. My worldview, I dare say, was very much like that of Boylan, Salla, Lambremont, and many of you as well. All that I write about is from personal experience. I once was where many of you are today and I honestly can relate.

I once shared a dais with Prof. Stephen Jay Gould, the foremost evolutionist of our time. I became involved with Edgar Cayce's Association of Research and Enlightenment and one of its spin-offs, Logos. There I had a life reading by a famous psychic, Ann Puryear, who told me I was an old soul, an avatar. My astrologer told me that my chart was something that she had never seen before. Psychic Ruth Montgomery loved my channeled drawings from the spirit world. I studied with Rabbi Berg of Kabbalistic fame twenty tears before Madonna and other Hollywood celebs even heard of him.

Where am I going with all of this? It is just to say that my worldview was very much similar to that of Boylan, Salla, Lambremont and many of you who read UFO Digest, but in 1988, against all of my wishes and education and beliefs, I underwent a radical paradigm shift that forever changed my worldview. This Jewish, former college professor, leader in the Phoenix Jewish community, well educated, reasonably intelligent, mystical, avatar, cosmic consciousness loving UFO devotee found himself looking at the face of God. I have never been the same since. Just ask my former friends, colleagues, and family who have rejected me. I was born again, a new man in Christ.

How did this happen to me? I found myself working for a Christian telemarketing company in the Fall of 1987. I had just gone through a divorce, my ex and my three sons moved away, I was diagnosed with MS, and my father had just died. I had lost my job with the Phoenix Jewish Federation where I had been a Pharisee like the Apostle Paul and loved persecuting Christians like Jews for Jesus. People say that I was drawn into Christianity because I needed some stability in my tumultuous life and therefore sought solace and restitution from Jesus, but that was not the way it happened. I was screwed up and messed up but things actually went from bad to worse as I found myself with these overbearing, moronic Christians.

They kept witnessing to me but I ridiculed them. Me, a Jewish Prof, a leader in the Jewish community, who had lectured about anti-Semitism and the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the Holocaust, and they had the nerve to tell me that I was going to Hell? I yelled back that I would rather be in Hell with my parents than in heaven with the likes of them. Our boss put Jews for Jesus brochures in the lobby and I picked them all up and threw them away. When I was called into the boss's office for a reprimand, I had the chutzpah to shake my finger at him and tell him not to proselytize to my people. He should have fired me but he did not.

Well, this went on for a solid year. Everyday, they would harass me and I would harangue them. Everyone called it the Gaza Strip because it was so loud and volatile. One guy who was a former Marine from Texas and who had been a numbers runner in bars before God got a hold of him told me that he was so frustrated with me that he had felt like throwing me off of the third floor balcony of our office. I had responded with a smirk, "Oh that's Christian!" Finally in the fall of 1988, I told them that if I saw the burning bush for myself (i.e. saw God) I would believe. Nothing that they could do or say would suffice. They mocked me for believing that God would bother to reveal Himself to me, an overeducated Jewboy with a PhD which they said stood for 'piled higher and deeper'. I had answered, 'oh well, so then just leave me alone.'

Shortly later on October 2, 1988, I was sitting as usual in my cubicle and I saw a vision hovering in front of me like a cloud in a comic strip. It was Jesus on the cross. It was nighttime and there was lightning all around and his head was down. I looked all around me but no one else saw it. This is not an image that a nice Jewish boy would ever think of seeing, and the night and lightning references were actual biblical but how could I have known? Then it disappeared and I figured maybe it was the booze from the night before. But the next day it was back, but this time it was daytime and Christ lifted his head up and light poured from his eyes. He broke His bonds and began walking all over the Earth with that light beaming from His eyes. I did not know then that Jesus said that He was the light of the world. I was undergoing a radical paradigm shift. That same night I had a dream that I would have to be crucified for all of my friends to live. I had anticipated the nails through my hands and the flogging on my back, though it never actually happened. Suddenly, I knew what Christ had done for me. I awoke next to my roommate girlfriend all the while looking at my hands. The next morning at work I turned my life over to Christ. I knew that I knew. I had undergone a radical paradigm shift and have never looked back.

Like the Apostle Paul, the well educated, Pharisee who had a revelatory experience of Jesus Christ on the Road to Damascus, this Professor, and Pharisee had such an experience in an office building in Phoenix Arizona. In cases, "God had chosen us, we had not chosen Him" (John 15:16).

I later gained knowledge that extraterrestrials are not peaceful aliens coming here to help us heal ourselves and our planet, but are instead fallen angel, demonic beings bent upon our destruction. They will be here when the body of Believers is Raptured to be with the Lord Jesus in the air, and those left behind will believe that the missing Christians have been abducted by UFOs. It will be the most insidious deception of all time. Military Aviation Historian, Trevor James Constable, once wrote that the battle with UFOs is not for the planet of man but for the soul of man.

The Nation of Israel was reborn shortly after Roswell on May 14, 1948, and that is no coincidence. It's rebirth was a necessary prophetic sign of the end of times. Jesus Christ will return in His Second Coming to the Mount of Olives outside Jerusalem to rule and reign from a Third Temple for 1000 years as the Bible says. All that is going on today in the Middle East is a precursor of those events. God has everything under control and Satan knows that his time is short, so he is causing all kinds of turmoil, but God will prevail.

You all need to undergo the same radical paradigm shift lest you be deceived by these extraterrestrial, fallen angel entities and are left behind to undergo the awful time of the tribulation when it will be literally a hell on earth culminating in the Battle of Armageddon. These so called star visitors, who masquerade as peaceful, helpful, alien immigrants will eat your lunch. The Disclosure Project of Dr.Steven Greer should look into this. The government is lying to us about the existence of so called extraterrestrial life, but they are also being deceived as well. These ETs are not aliens from another galaxy but instead are fallen demonic entities bent upon our destruction.

Stephen Yulish was always interested in UFOs and was a member of NICAP and APRO in the 1960s after reading Project Bluebook. He studied astronomy and exobiology at Case Western Reserve University and graduated in 1969. He eventually became a History Professor at The University of Arizona for seven years where he visited Allen Hyneck's Tucson group. He became interested in Bible Prophecy after he had a head-on collision with Jesus Christ in 1988. He is presently disabled with MS and writes about endtime scenarios.

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