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Book Review: Then His Voice Shook The Earth

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Bruce Collins

‘Then His voice shook the Earth, but now He has promised," I will once more shake not only the Earth but Heaven too." ‘ Hebrews 12:26

David W. Lowe, author of ‘Earthquake Resurrection’, has written an excellent companion piece, ‘Then His Voice Shook The Earth.’

Lowe begins with Paul and what he describes as the "mysterious Arabian connection." In First Corinthians, Paul said that Jesus appeared to him. This appearance was with the physical embodiment of Jesus Christ, not to be confused with the bright light encounter on his trip to Damascus.

Lowe makes the interesting claim that Peter took a trip to Mount Sinai where he saw Jesus. To be sure, he presents some fascinating parallels to Moses on Mount Sinai.

As the book points out:

"Such an Arabian experience becomes even more intriguing in light of the similarities between the events on Mount Sinai when the Ten Commandments were given to Moses and Paul’s revelation of the future catching up of believers, including:

Moses was instructed to sanctify the people and have them wash their clothes. Similarly, a person must be sanctified and washed in order to be a believer who will be resurrected and caught up.
The appearance of the Lord on Mount Sinai was accompanied by the trumpet sound of God’s voice. Similarly, Paul stated that the Lord’s future coming will be accompanied by the trumpet of God.
The Lord descended onto Mount Sinai from the heavens. Similarly, Paul stated that the Lord will descend from heaven before the resurrection of the dead in Christ.
Moses was summoned to the top of the mountain by the Lord, and he went up and met the Lord. Similarly, Paul stated that believers will be suddenly caught up together into the air to meet the Lord.
Then, the author explores the last trumpet that proclaims the glorious resurrection of the dead in Christ. Taking passages of Scripture and delving into Hebrew, David makes a compelling case for what the last trumpet actually is and what the ramifications are. As in his first book, Lowe includes a lot of Scriptural research in ‘Then His Voice Shook The Earth.’

Lowe’s book takes great detail in explaining each of the seals of the book of Revelation and how they fit on the timeline. There has been a lot of buzz about ‘Then His Voice Shook The Earth’ on the internet (in particular, Lowe’s perspective on the chronology of the seals). The trumpet and bowl judgments are also carefully examined.

The placement of the beginning of the day of the Lord’s wrath is very important to understanding Bible Prophecy and ‘Then His Voice Shook The Earth’ places it at the opening of the seventh seal. This explains a lot, including the spirit of antichrist (first seal) which the world has been experiencing since the Resurrection.

Then His Voice Shook The Earth’ is another Bible Prophecy masterpiece by David Lowe. It has the same unique and fresh prophecy perspectives that readers have come to expect since ‘Earthquake Resurrection.’ This book is another first rate winner and highly recommended.

It is written in a way that is appealing to both the beginner and well studied student of prophecy. For more information, visit David Lowe’s website.

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