Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anomalos Author of ‘Apocalypse Soon’ on The American Voice with Gianni D Hayes - Wednesday, September 12th

Dr. Paddy Heron, Author of ‘Apocalypse Soon’ on The American Voice with Gianni D Hayes - Wednesday, September 12th

In Apocalypse Soon: The Beginning of the End, the author Patrick Heron of Ireland examines the prophecies of The Messiah concerning the last years of planet Earth as we know it. Dr. Heron says, “You can know history before it happens in this easy-to-read account of God's warning to mankind.”

What do the prophets have to say about End Times? For thousands of years, prophecy has eluded many, and science and religion don’t agree on what the future holds. But Dr. Patrick Heron, talking with Gianni from Ireland, has researched the topic for twenty years, along with his scholarly work on the Nephilim and the pyramids, which he says could not possibly have been built by man. Dr. Heron has been a guest on Gianni’s show before, but on Wednesday night’s special two-hour program, he will focus particularly on End Times.

He will also touch on the giants (Nephilm)--first mentioned in the Bible in Genesis--in correlation with ancient technology, fallen angels, the great pyramids, and the apocalypse—all of which he has managed to put together in his bestselling book, The Nephilm and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse, in his two DVDs: “The Nephilm, The Great Pyramid, and the Apocalypse” and his “Apocalypse and the End Times.” His newest book, which he discusses on Wednesday night, is Apocalypse Soon…”

Dr. Heron will focus on some of the prophecies that have come true, those of which are yet to be fulfilled, and those of which have a direct affect on our fate. He will discuss the significance of what’s happening in the Mideast, in terms of prophecy, and what the prophetic roadmap shows us. The Messiah fulfilled 109 prophecies in His short life. Today, 85% of the biblical prophecies have come to pass; there are few left to be fulfilled before the final hour arrives. He’ll review the prophecies of the Book of Revelation and the signs we are told would precede these imminent happenings. Gianni’s interview with him will “culminate and climax in a phenomenon never before proposed or explored.”

He’s appeared on dozens of national and international radio and TV shows, and is a celebrated author and researcher in his own country where his books are bestsellers.

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