Thursday, September 06, 2007

Terry James Author & Prophecy Expert Will Be On WARN Radio

Contact: Dana Smith

Terry James Author & Prophecy Expert

Will be On WARN Radio: “Into the night” with the Watchman

CASPER, WY—Terry James, Prophecy Expert and author of The Rapture Dialogues will be featured on the WARN Radio: “into the night” broadcast, with the Watchman Dana G Smith. The show will air Friday Sept 7th at 9 PM Pacific on the American Voice Radio network. The American Voice Radio Network airs over Satellite into North America, online, and over FM stations across the US.

Terry will be discussing important biblical and controversial topics such as the Nephilim from Genesis chapter 6, UFO’s, Sightings, the End time Prophetic scenario with respect to these topics, and much more. The UFO phenomenon has been seen as a controversial topic and many bible scholars do not venture into this arena. Terry, however, brings to the discussion a biblical foundation of the UFO and Nephilim experience. Terry has a new book due out in December of 2007 from Anomolos Publishing called ‘The Nephilim Imperatives’.

WARN Radio is an online ministry of the Watchman Institute for Biblical Research and is part of the WIBR/WARN network which covers its online websites and 24/7 stream. You can listen online to the WARN Radio broadcast at , , , and on the American Voice Radio website.

Dana G. Smith is the watchman of the Watchman Institute for Biblical Research, and has three WARN Radio broadcasts weekly, three online websites featuring 6 Prophecy news sites, and writes on End time prophecy. You can contact him at

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