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Do You Remember Dr. Gene Scott? No? You Can Thank Pastor Melissa Scott Or Maybe Even God Himself! by Addison Bachman

Opinion by Addison B. Bachman

Dr. Gene Scott was the preacher on TV that Smoked cigars, Cussed, Saxophon-ed, and just plain shoved the wealth of God's blessings in the face of traditional Christianity. All backed by TWO Stanford University Ph.D.'s He was unarguably, the greatest Christian Apologist since St. Paul, Martin Luther, and C.S. Lewis COMBINED! IMHO

Having began watching him, became a King's House, on staff as an intern, long time employee, and volunteer from 1978ish to 2007ish, I can speak from the inside looking out. I was there during the Christine Shaw years and her demise. That disaster, (and near fatal blow to Doc's ministry) eventually led Doc to find what he called his "Last Ride". Doc, (As he put it) set out to "kick the tires" on many of the best "New Models" offered in the mid nineties.

So what does this have to do with Melissa? EVERYTHING!
First of all, Melissa was one of the many "New Models" and eventually "hand-picked" by Doc after a lengthily test drive and a thorough throttling. We all had a lot of fun in those days watching Doc make every preacher drool with envy! (Especially those married to some old dried-out church lady!)

We ALL witnessed Doc really falling in love with Melissa, and for good reason. She was absolutely a breath of fresh air to him. I remember the day well when Doc made it clear that Melissa was the one. He used me (I was camera one operator) on the studio set to make the point very clear! That's a story for another day...

Snapping back to the present state of Doc's ministry begs the question: What The Hell Happened?

The Answer:

Melissa Pastore Became Pastor Melissa!

For nearly 30 years, Satan could not silence the voice of Dr. Gene Scott emanating from Faith Center, and crisscrossing the entire globe. In just a few years after his death, the "love of his life" practically erased him and his life's work from Christian history!

Where is His Voice and Message Now?

Has Doc's message: "Saved by Grace, Kept by Faith" (that he left for the whole world)  been HIJACKED by Satan himself! Once again using a woman (no offence ladies...) to deliver it to him? If so....

This time, her name is Melissa!
As a long time member, pastor's intern, employee, eyewitness and occasional confidant to Dr. Gene Scott, I, Addison B. Bachman, will testify before God and the world that I believe "Pastor Melissa Scott" was ordained by Dr. Scott, live from the set of Kings House two. I believe he ordained her and trusted her to keep HIS voice going around the world till Jesus comes.
Anybody who watched Doc knows for nearly 30 years he promised HIS voice would be heard 24 hours a day after he died. He oft said "Til Jesus Comes!" Under his direction the church amassed a great fortune all to be used for that future date of his passing, to keep HIS voice on the air perpetually.  Not long before his passing he recounted a conversation (From the set at King's House II) he had with Melissa while driving to his parent's vacation home in Lake Almanor, California. I've provided the transcript below. I wish you all could hear it for yourselves. The excitement in his voice would bring tears to the eyes of the faithful. Indeed I believe this is his Last Will & Testament. The Proof Text of what he ordained Melissa to do.

"Give me 300..... I listened as I drove north to my parents home a few weeks ago and I'm spinning through the dial because my car has a thing on the steering where I can just change channels without even taking my hands off the steering wheel. I heard a voice for about 3 minutes, and I was locked in. And I listened and my wife listened, and we we're drinking it in. And then I heard, and I said "I know that voice", then I heard him make a reference to something that he and Mrs., he and his wife which he referred to as Mrs. McGee, and I said "That's It!" What an encouragement. How long has J. Vernon McGee been dead? And he's preaching through the book of Thes and I said "That proves it to me baby!" (as I looked to my wife) When you've got the message the voice is eternal it doesn't matter that he's dead he's preaching the word not some cockamamy, off centered attitude. Pouring it out. No wonder some 3000 people would gather at the Church of the Open Door at the middle of the week to listen to him teach. He's still alive. I don't know how many languages and how many countries he goes through the Bible on 'Through The Bible with J. Vernon
McGee' on radio stations around the world.
This ministry will go on if I get my Gideon Band."

What could be more important than keeping the Good News of the Gospel Going Around the World as your number one priority? Doesn't everything else come second to that stewardship and blessing?

Melissa has turned on her calling and her husband by believing the "Press" Doc used to pour on her, and is now getting from the "Christian Sector" leaders that are reeling her in. She elevated her Ordination from a Trustee Of Dr. Scott's Message, to a position of Prophet/Domata.


Keeping Doc's shoes polished was her calling and PROMISE TO HIM.
Stepping into them was NOT!

She reduced Dr. Scott's message to, in her own words, "Like Moses, He (Dr. Scott) served his generation well." All of us KHs and KTs are that generation, the last generation!
She says:
ow is the time for unity of all the churches, through ME, the pastor's Pastor,
the Matriarch of the Church"

Armed with the delusion of inheriting the Prophet/Domata title, our new "Pastor" began a systematic deconstruction of Doc's ministry. Bringing down the worldwide reach, removing all Dr. Scott's teachings from the Internet site, replacing her name on all Doc's messages, selling all the assets to promote HER VOICE, and now sleeping with TBN and the like. It was a beautifully evil conceived implosion. A Wind-Sweeping!

Here's the real tragedy of lost opportunity. Melissa's new "awakening" made her want to put on a fig leaf to cover her nakedness! She is now being led straight to the vomit of "Traditional Christianity" that Doc, (and we all) railed against, and shoved in the face of Lucifer 24 hours a day! Her new "wisdom" decided the Old Doc was insulting, crazy, impotent, used up, offensive and just plain wrong about so much he taught and preached. His "irreverence" towards traditional Christianity had to stop. Only then could SHE bring all the churches into unity! It just makes chills go down my spine to think of!

Few would deny, (And I'll admit) that I had been one of her strongest supporters. From the "Belles of St. Gene" days to 2 and a half years of her ministry, post Doc. I'm the one who purchased, (and eventually donated) built, and promoted (along with about 20 other domain names) to the number one position of most every search engine on the Internet! (At one time we held the first 18 search results on Google for the term Dr. Gene Scott.) Yes, it's my fault, and I'm not really sure if I should be sorry or happy. (I'll explain more on that statement down below)
After witnessing her broadcast on 11/02/2007 where she pronounced "The Gospel IS NOT Free" and  "Ministers and preachers come to my church to sit at my feet and learn the word", it became abundantly clear that Melissa is delusional at minimum. I don't say that lightly, in lieu of what we Christians profess to believe. We all are judged by the world as being delusional going out the gate by worshiping Jesus Christ as the Resurrected Son of God. But, Melissa has succumbed to power and pride. You must separate yourself long enough to take a good hard look at the evidence.

Do you think it's impossible for her to have been possessed? I don't know if she is or not, but if you can't even imagine the possibility, then you're screwed.

The very last words screamed at me by Melissa Scott were: "I'm tired of this (expletive deleted) church, I don't care about this (expletive deleted) church, I'm ready to shut this (expletive deleted) church down!"  Maybe one day I'll tell what prompted her to scream this profane and seemingly blasphemous statement at me. Be assured, it had to do with Doc's voice and message. But let me tell you one thing for sure, I believed her. Her words have all proven to be true. Doc's church has been shut down, the voice has been silenced. With that said, I make this one simple  plea to Melissa Scott:

Remove the FIG LEAF!
Let your hair down, pick up your cigarette habit, show some cleavage, wear the red lipstick,
and let the REAL YOU! return
Doc's preaching of the

Keep Saying - "UP YOURS WITH A
to the traditions of
Satan's "Christian Church!"

That's the VISION!

Now I must admit - In the long run, our fight is surely not with Melissa Scott. I can only think God is in control. We'll never know in the present what the world lost by Melissa's actions. But I know we can't condemn her either because it's entirely possible she is doing exactly what God wants her to do. In fact, I tend to believe it's true. I'll tell you why.....
The moment I heard Doc had passed, I had what I can only call a vision. Never had one before, or since. But I remember it as vividly today as then. I saw (In my mind) two events: (1) A great fireworks display in the heavens. I knew this was the celebration of Dr. Scott's entrance into eternity. (2) I saw a great tree laden with fruit. All the fruit fell to the ground simultaneously. I knew these were all Doc's students, fully ripened, separated from the teacher to do what they had been equipped to do.
Level with yourselves and really take stock in what  you think and say out loud, and in agreement with others. Do you say "These are the Last Days", do you believe the Rapture could be any moment? Do you see all the tumult around the world? Do you see Antichrists and false prophets coming to the scene in the Middle East? Are you answering yes? Yeah, me too.

Fret not, Dr. euGene Scott's legacy will be praised and honored throughout eternity, along with all the Saints.  But now it's time to be doers of the word, and not forever students of the word.  You have been equipped and made ready for the fight. Trained by the "Patton" of God's command. You are battle experienced, covered in scar tissue, and know the last fight of "The Church" is to resist Satan and his forces. Now get on the battlefield until that Trumpet Blows, calling the Saints to Come Marching In!

May God Bless And Keep Us All Secure In The Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ!

(Addison Bachman was in the trenches with Dr. Scott for almost 30 years. I admire and envy him for that, and wish I could have been there too. Check out his websites. He has a lot of great information, and I thank him for letting me publish this article here.)

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