Friday, November 27, 2009

Saturday Morning: The Bruce Collins Show, Guest: Helena Lehman

The Bruce Collins Show
WSMN 1590 AM, Nashua, New Hampshire
Saturday 10am EST/ 7am PST
Listen online:
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Messianic Scholar, Scribe, Artist and Publisher Helena Lehman has a sound grasp of Evangelical and Messianic Theology and is an expert on the allegorical Language of God revealed in the symbolic imagery and rituals of the Feasts of Israel, Bible prophecies, the Gospel in the Stars (i.e. Mazzaroth), and Sethite Astronomy.

Helena is the author of the 4-volume Language of God Book Series, and the upcoming Pillar of Enoch Trilogy books that are geared toward educating people about the importance of the Star Gospel, Great Pyramid and Great Sphinx in Judeo-Christian Theology and History.

Her website is

- Helena's summary of all of her books
- The author defines the nephilim, where the bones are and answers the question of where is nephilim DNA today
- Helena describes her experience as an eyewitness to UFO activity
- She talks about media programming, i.e. television series "V"
- The rise of Nimrod and parallels to today's New World Order

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