Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Acceleration Radio Tonight!

Earliest investigator of Jim Jones cult. (After conflicting reports from two friends, Conn felt obligated to begin a serious surveillance of the cult. It culminated in Conn's life being threatened, at which time Conn had to go into hiding for 18 months. Two years later two of Conn's sources were murdered. (This is detailed in "The Downfall of Jim Jones" by attorney Larry Lee Litke, an article included in web site After 12 years as a lead analyst for Chevron's big environmental laboratory, joined the Defense Department as a quality control specialist in the field of petroleum, chemicals, and military fuel delivery systems. This included the testing and official release of the fuel being loaded into Air Force One prior to its departure from any Northern California military base. Conn's education includes Contra Costa College, American River College in Sacramento, and Calif. State University Sacramento, in addition to many classes in organic chemistry at several Chevron laboratories. Conn has been a guest on more than 90 radio shows including Alan Colmes, NPR, Dr. James Dobson's Focus on the Family, and Michael Savage. Conn was impelled to pursue the meaning of Jonestown because, upon wading into his investigation, he was overwhelmed by a realization that "something in Bay Area (politics? society?) was terribly lacking." Thus he went into an extended study of what allowed the horror. David Conn's Web Site

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We are doing a two-hour live show by popular demand! 7 to 9 pm. PST. We were #1 in out time slot for the second hour last week! Interact with L.A. Marzulli by calling 800-596-8191

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