Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Convict Conditioning" DVDs Coming Soon!

 CORRECTION: THEY HAVE ARRIVED!!! Click HERE to check out all the great "Convict Conditioning" products!

It was announced last week that Dragon Door, the publisher of the best selling books, "Convict Conditioning" and "Convict Conditioning 2", has started production on a six DVD set of "Convict Conditioning" videos. They published the photos below from Alcatraz prison, where the series is being filmed, on their Facebook page. This is a very exciting development, and I (along with an army of others, I'm sure) am looking forward to having this video presentation as a supplemental aid to Paul "Coach" Wade's awesome bodyweight training system. Stay tuned for more details. I'll be posting additional information as it becomes available.

Max Shank in a one-arm handstand push up position, in Alcatraz, at the door leading to the Rec Yard, from the upcoming Convict Conditioning DVD covering that method.

Not to be outdone by Max Shank too much, the great Brett Jones countered with a clapping pull up, at the Alcatraz shoot for the new Convict Conditioning DVDs. It is a variant exercise that will be on the Pull Up DVD when released.

Max Shank and Brett Jones greet each other the one-legged squat way, while filming the Convict Conditioning Squat DVD in Alcatraz last week. And how about that background?

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