Monday, March 19, 2012

"Thieves: One Dirty TV Pastor And The Man Who Robbed Him" by Trey Smith

Thieves is the true story (nonfiction narrative based on actual events) about the safe robbery of the multi-millionaire television evangelist, Mike Murdock. Witnessing first-hand some of the most shockingly depraved acts and blatant corruption in the secretive world of "profit-preaching" Christianity; Trey takes you on the journey through his decisions, planning and ultimate execution of stealing the well-known minister's tightly guarded safe. After the robbery, it is a gripping thrill ride of the most engagingly unique kind: A man on the run from a TV preacher. WARNING: Thieves contains exposing and controversial material, language, brief sexual content, criminal scenarios.... and a TV pastor. NOT recommended for young readers.

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Trey Smith | About Thieves: It is a difficult book for me personally as I lived the events you are about to read --- nothing short of pure madness and the worst kind of poor decision making on all sides of the fence --- which is probably what makes it a great story. I am not the same man today as you may find in many parts of the book. It is important to me to tell you that. 340 pages, some of which are stranger than fiction could ever be. For that reason it is a story that had to be told. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy Thieves.

----Trey Smith

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