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BOOK REVIEW: Collins Says Read ‘Apocalypse Soon’ Before You See Apocalypse Now!

BOOK REVIEW: Collins Says Read ‘Apocalypse Soon’ Before You See Apocalypse Now!

Bruce Collins

The subtitle of Patrick Heron’s book, Apocalypse Soon, is The Beginning of The End. In the pages that follow, Dr. Heron maps out a compelling defense of his eyebrow raising claim.

To date, Patrick’s crowning literary achievement is The Nephilim and The Pyramid of The Apocalypse. However, Apocalypse Soon is a worthy companion piece.

Heron takes complex subjects, such as the book of Revelation, and spells them out in easy to understand terms. The appeal of that is the impact this book could have on all walks of life. Apocalypse Soon is a great evangelistic tool for your neighbors and friends.

I was pleased to see Patrick tackle the UFO and alien phenomenon which was absent from The Nephilim and The Pyramid of The Apocalypse. There’s a very fascinating and disturbing quote by Whitley Streiber in this chapter. Obviously, Whitley had an inkling of what he was dealing with and builds on Heron’s extensive research on the whole UFO/ nephilim phenomenon. If you don’t know what that means, buy both of Heron’s books.

Quite frankly, this reviewer was shocked by the earthquake information that the author had collected. The increasing frequency and severity of seismic activity is very alarming. Heron does an excellent job of tying together this ramping up of natural disasters to the words of Jesus Christ.

Likewise, Heron is able to take modern day pestilences and the decaying morals of mankind and hold them up against the Biblical prophetic timeline. They fit together jarringly well.

In a chapter titled The Future Revealed, Patrick points out 8 important events in the future that everyone should be informed about and recognize are essential keys to this unraveling scenario. Refreshingly, Dr. Heron uses the laser precision of his words to give the reader a succinct and tidy summarized description of those said events. In fact, the entire book is a quick read. Most chapters are an average of five to ten pages and the book moves at a fast pace. The essentials are here without overwhelming the reader.

The book is timely as it connects the possible link between the mark of the beast and modern technology existing today. We stand at the door of catastrophic change, but our guide, Dr. Heron, assures us there is another door. Someone is knocking at that door even today.

He also devotes a chapter on The Four Horsemen and one on The Beast and The False Prophet. Heron does not devote himself to wild speculation on who the antichrist may be in Apocalypse Soon, instead he focuses on the facts of the Scriptures.

In a chapter titled, Where Is Jesus Christ Now?, the author inscribes Biblical fact and his views of Heaven and his savior, Jesus Christ. Heron writes," (Jesus) is a man with extra spiritual dimensions…But you can be sure that (Heaven) is a location with food, air, water, etc. After all, Christ Jesus is a man so I presume He must eat, drink, and breathe." Well, maybe, but I don’t think He has to eat. It’s a minor point, to be sure, but taking this to a logical conclusion, wouldn’t Heaven then require a sewage system?

Heron’s heart is in educating people on Bible prophecy and to point the way to salvation by making events tangible. He paints pictures with words. The pictures portray a Savior with outstretched hands. I can’t argue with that.

I also liked the fact that the author included the entire book of Revelation at the end as well as Matthew chapter 24 and others. I heartily recommend picking up Apocalypse Soon. Your neighbors should read it, too. You know, the one who can’t get out of bed on Sunday mornings.

Apocalypse Soon works as a beginner’s manual in Bible prophecy. It will equip the reader with a good understanding of past, present and future key prophetic events without getting off course.

If Dr. Heron’s objective was to show the way to Jesus Christ in a user friendly book, then I’ve only got one thing to say about it.

Well done, good and faithful servant. Well done.



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