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New Documentaries To Challenge “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”

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New Documentaries To Challenge “The Lost Tomb of Jesus,” Claim Irrefutable "Scientific Proof" Of Resurrection Of Jesus


Two Well Researched Documentaries to Air During the Upcoming Easter Season, Provide Bona Fide Evidence of Christ’s Death and Resurrection

Respected Documentary Producer Challenges “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” Movie

2007-03-04 -- USA Religious News

LOS ANGELES (Media Advisory) — A team of experts in biblical archeology and research who have spent years producing 90 major network television documentaries on discoveries related to biblical accounts and antiquities are challenging claims of a Hollywood documentary that the Jesus Christ of the Bible married a woman mentioned in New Testament accounts, that the two had a child, and that the family’s remains were found in a burial cave site in Israel.

“There is simply nothing new in the baseless claims made in the new movie ‘The Lost Tomb of Jesus,’” said David W. Balsiger, Senior Producer at Grizzly Adams Productions. Balsiger and a team of 28 veteran scientists, archeologists, and scholars recently produced a pair of scientifically and scripturally based documentaries on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“For years we’ve been addressing the un-scientific claims and sloppy scholarship of movies, books, and other projects just like this latest pop-science TV special,” said Balsiger. “They’re always highly sensational, make bold claims that play to public hungry for excitement — and when you dig deep into what they’re claiming their case against the Jesus of the Bible is always full of holes.”

Balsiger noted that while there has been plenty of media attention about the upcoming television program produced by
“Titanic” director James Cameron, no noted archeologists have stepped forward to support the project. “It’s strange that a television producer makes a sensational announcement about the supposed discovery of Christ’s burial site in Israel, yet no one from the Israeli Antiquities Authority corroborates the claim and no Israeli archeologists step forward in support,” said Balsiger. “In fact, many bona fide archaeologists, researchers, and Bible scholars have debunked the claims by these filmmakers.”

Add to those experts Balsiger and Charles E. Sellier, who have co-authored an important book on the Jesus of the Bible, entitled The Case for Christ’s Resurrection. The duo have also produced two video documentaries about the Christ of the Bible, both scheduled for broadcast during the upcoming Easter season.

The Fabric of Time: Secrets of the Universe, scheduled for broadcast on the I Network, is a scientific analysis on the world-famous Shroud of Turin, thought by many to be the shroud in which Christ was buried — and from which he was freed upon his miraculous resurrection. The Case for Christ’s Resurrection, scheduled for broadcast on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, also looks at the death and resurrection of Christ, but from a traditional biblical evidences point of view.

“The Fabric of Time proves scientifically with highly respected scientists and scholars that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a scientific fact,” explained Balsiger. “Therefore, there can be no bones nor anything else of substance pertaining to the so-called body of Jesus Christ in a Jerusalem cave tomb.”

“Both of these documentaries are well-researched, thought-provoking, and very compelling to viewers,” explained Balsiger. “And most importantly, neither stoops to the sensational — these are quality programs that will stand up to critical, scientific, and scholarly examination by any peer review group.”

To learn more about these shows, visit for The Fabric of Time: Secrets of the Universe and for The Case for Christ’s Resurrection.

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