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Will the Real Mahdi Please Stand Up? by Patrick Heron


Will the Real Mahdi Please Stand Up?


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How interesting it is to sit back and watch all the little pieces of the jig-saw fit in together to make a clear picture. Take some of the recent pronouncements coming out of Iran these past few weeks for instance.

Apparently it has been announced on official government websites that shortly, in fact it will happen in this month of March, the Mahdi or 12th Imam will make his long awaited appearance on the world stage.

This is the prophet that is the Muslim Messiah, as it were. According to their teachings, the Mahdi or 12th Imam, disappeared as a young boy of about 12 years old, several hundred years ago, and went into hiding in a deep well.

But he will shortly come out of his hiding place and proceed to lead Muslims in a succession of victorious apocalyptic battles over their enemy and establish Islam as the predominant world religion.

The Imam or Mahdi will have a lieutenant by his side in this endeavor, we are confidently told, who will be none other than, wait for it, Jesus Christ. I kid you not. All this is written on official Iranian government websites and has even been alluded to on several occasions by the Iranian President, Machmud Amgonnahavajihad. He says the Mahdi will appear this March on the 27th, I think.

Now here's the rub. We are told in Scripture in the Old Testament, that if a prophet said such-and-such was going to happen, and it didn't, then he was a false prophet. And in some cases these were put to death for their troubles. So we will soon know if the President of Iran is accurate in his prognostications, or if he qualifies to have his head chopped off.

Contrast this with what we are told in the Word of God. In the Book of Revelation it is prophesied that during the Apocalypse, a man known as the Antichrist will rise to prominence on the world political stage. This person is also called the "Beast from the Abyss" (Rev.chapters 9 and 17). We are told that this man will have a religious side-kick who will help him in his endeavors, called the False Prophet.

Together these two will establish world peace for the first three and a half years of the Apocalypse. The Antichrist will head up a sort of G 10 geopolitical confederacy that will be the New World Order.(For an in depth study on this, see my article entitled Revelation Rapture:An Anomaly?, at OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE).

According to Revelation 9, we are told that this Beast or Antichrist, will emerge from the bottomless pit, or Abyss, where he is now incarcerated along with other infernal beings. These are the "spirits that sinned in the days of Noah," according to 1 Peter 3:20 . A deeper study of these spirit men shows that they were the Nephilim or Fallen Ones of Genesis 6, who came to earth circa 3500BC and took mortal women to wife. These gods so infected the human race back then with their evil and violence that God sent the flood and wiped out all human life and the giants, who were the offspring of these fallen Angels.

But spirit men cannot be drowned. And these fallen Angels, we are told, are locked up in the pit of the Abyss, to await a coming Day of Judgment. We are also informed that Jesus, in his risen spiritual body, went and preached to these spirits in prison, and somewhat spoiled the party they were having at that time.

But in the coming Apocalypse these gods will be released once again. And together with the rest of the rebellious angels, who are to be cast down to earth with Satan according to Revelation 12, will form a government that will rule the nations.

I have often heard various prophecy teachers speculate as to who this coming Antichrist will be. Some have even proffered names of Arab or other leaders who, they reckon, will definitely be the Antichrist who is to rule the world. But they are wrong. For the name of this coming prince and where he hails from has been written for nigh on 2,000 years, and has been staring us in the face all that time.

In Revelation 9:11 we are told that the name of the Beast is Abaddon (in Hebrew), and Apollyon is his Greek name. And where does he come from? From the bottomless pit also called the Abyss. Of course Apollyon is how the Greeks spell what is known to us as Apollo. And Apollo was one of the main leaders of the original pantheon of Greek and Roman gods along with others such as Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Zeus, Mercury, Mars etc.

So Scripture is clear on the name of the coming Antichrist and where he arises from. And no, it's not Machmud Amgonnahavajihad from Iran or some rich prince from Syria or anywhere else. The truth is so plain and simple, everyone missed it. Again, if you are not familiar with the concept of the Nephilim and the coming reign of terror when the Fallen Ones are thrust down to earth in the near future, please read my book, "The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse". Or if you want a crash course on the prophecies of the coming Apocalypse, you could do worse than read "Apocalypse Soon", my book just published.

Now get this. The Muslims are waiting for their leader to appear on the world stage. This Mahdi is the Imam who went into a well in the earth and is to come out of this hole again soon. He will have as his right hand man, Jesus Christ. Contrast this with the scriptures. These say that the Antichrist will appear soon and that he is to come out of a hole in the ground, called the Abyss or bottomless pit. And that he will have as his running mate a religious man who is called the False Prophet. See the connect?

Now take a look at the current state of the Middle East. The place is in total disarray and is crying out for someone to come in and sort things out between the Arabs and the Jews. But whoever sorts this mess out will have to be acceptable to both parties. Oh, I forgot to mention. The Jews are also expecting the REAL Messiah to come soon and lead them in their struggle (they don't believe that the last Messiah was the real deal you see?).

So the Muslims are awaiting their Mahdi or Imam, while the Jews are awaiting the true Messiah to arrive. Hey presto! In walks two guys, the Antichrist and the False Prophet, who may very well be acceptable to both sides. The Antichrist will put himself forward as the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, who will be totally acceptable to the Jews. And the False Prophet will be the Imam or Mahdi, and acceptable to the Muslims. Together these two will settle the differences between the Jews and the Arabs, and peace will reign on earth and goodwill towards men. Except that the peace will be a pseudo peace that will last but three and one half years. Then all hell will break loose (literally) which will culminate at Armageddon at the end of the seven years of Great Tribulation.

So, will the Imam be revealed on the 27th March 2007? I reckon I have as much chance of meeting St. Patrick this coming Saturday and downing a few pints of "the black stuff" with him in my local pub. Watch this space.




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