Wednesday, December 02, 2009

"The Acceleration" featuring L.A. Marzulli

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Every Wednesday 7 pm PST

Interact with L.A. Marzulli by emailing your questions during the show to

Ways to Listen:

Ku Band Satellite Free To Air (FTA): Galaxy 19 (formerly Galaxy  25) Transponder 5, Frequency 11836 Symbol Rate 20.770, PID 559 Left Side Audio

Network Streams:

Stream#1 - WM - 8k - mms://
Stream#2 - MP3 - 16k -
Stream#3 - MP3 - 24k -
Stream#4 -  WM - 32k - mms://
Stream#5 - MP3 - 56k -
Stream#6 - MP3 - 64k -

Virtual Radio: A Free (with advertisements) or for purchase service that allows you to listen to AVR, and other content, on your cell phone.

WiFi Radio: A technology that allows you to listen to your favorite internet audio streams, like AVR, on a WiFi radio, if you have a WiFi signal (hotspot, wireless router, etc.) you can tune in to WiFi radio.

Nokia Radio: AVR is service that allows you to listen to choice internet audio streams on your Nokia Phone.

Independent FM: AVR is available for free simulcast / rebroadcast and is on various FM stations including our flagship WCPR 100.7 White City, Oregon.

Phone Bridge: 1-218-862-7200   Entry Code: 361113
The phone bridge is not toll free but, is a good solution for people who maintain an "unlimited" long distance plan with their telephone carrier. It is a listen only connection.

Toll Free Listener Call In: 1-800-596-8191
Foreign and Local Call In: 1-541-826-9159
The "listener call in" numbers give the listeners an opportunity to interact directly with their favorite radio personalities on the air.


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