Thursday, December 10, 2009

Saturday Morning: The Bruce Collins Show - Guest: Nick Redfern (aka The Monster Hunter), Author of "Contactees: A History of Alien- Human Interaction"

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We are not alone…and Nick Redfern can prove it.

Contactees contains the fascinating stories of the select group of people chosen by visitors to Earth to spread their message. Are aliens really among us? Don’t be too quick to dismiss their claims.

Originally from England, Nick Redfern lives in Arlington, Texas. He is a full-time author and journalist specializing in a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including UFOs, alien contact, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, government conspiracies, and paranormal phenomena. He writes regularly for UFO Magazine, Fortean Times, Paranormal Magazine, and Fate. His previous books include Memoirs of a Monster Hunter; Strange Secrets; A Covert Agenda; and There’s Something in the Woods. Among his many exploits, Redfern has investigated reports of aliens in Mexico; lake-monsters in Scotland; vampires in Puerto Rico; werewolves in England; and crashed UFOs in the United States. His website is .

TBCS gets to interview Nick one week before he breaks the information out on Coast to Coast AM !

- the strange life of George Adamski
- Did a divorce take place due to 'outside interference' of an extraterrestrial kind?
- Do people only see Male aliens or are there many documented cases of female alien experiences?
- What is the Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property document?
- Robert Dean's NATO study
- Are there aliens working within classified government?
- What is going on at Brown Mountain?
- What reports have Nick Redfern uncovered about Crop Circles?
- Bruce asks Nick," I have a Biblical worldview but what do you think is going on?"

Join us this Saturday for another ACTION PACKED hour...

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