Sunday, December 06, 2009

When was Jesus born? - The Companion Bible Appendix # 179

I am jumping ahead a bit in the posting of the Appendices in order. I feel that at this Christmas season, it is important to look in to the question of when Jesus was really born. Was it December 25th, or was it late September, or perhaps some other time of year? Appendix 179 deals with this question. It is divided into three parts, with the third part, "The Course of Abia" being the most crucial. A careful study of this subject will reveal some surprising things that you may not have been aware of.

This is a new feature I have started on my blog. As often as I can, I will be posting one of the 198 Appendices of the Companion Bible. It is an amazing study and reference tool, and I thought that it might be helpful and interesting to preview some of the resources available in it. This Bible was compiled by one of the great scholars of the past, Dr. E.W. Bullinger. I have some of his other books in my Amazon Store that you can check out here. If you would like to access the entire Companion Bible in an online edition, it is available here. Hope you find this interesting and inspiring.

The Companion Bible Appendix # 179 -
  I. Parallel Datings of the Times of our Lord.
  II. Dates of "The Begetting" and the Nativity, &c.
  III. "The Course of Abia"

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