Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Convict Conditioning" DVD, Volume 5: Maximum Strength: The One-Arm Pullup Series

We are proud to announce another blockbuster program from Paul Wade—and this one has got to be on any serious athlete’s Top Ten Want List:

DVD and Companion Manual Set

Invest by October 19 and save $6.00!

Paul Wade’s Convict Conditioning Volume 5, Maximum Strength: The One-Arm Pullup Series explodes out of the cellblock to teach you in absolute detail how to progress from the relative ease of a Vertical Pull—to the stunning, “1-in-1,000” achievement of the One-Arm Pull-Up. Ten progressive steps guide you to inevitable mastery of this ultimate exercise for the upper back, steely, bulging biceps and etched abs.

Tap into the Dormant Ancestral Power of the Mighty Pullup—to Develop a Massive Upper Back, Steel-Tendon Arms, Etched Abs and Agile Survival Strength

This home-study course in ultimate survival strength comes replete with bonus material not available in Paul Wade’s original Convict Conditioning book—and numerous key training tips that refine and expand on the original program.

Prowl through the heavily and gorgeously-illustrated 88-plus-page manual and devour the entire film script at your animal leisure. Digest the brilliant, precise photographs and reinforce the raw benefits you absorbed from the DVD.

Paul Wade adds a bonus Ten Commandments for Perfect Pullups—which is worth the price of admission alone. And there’s the additional bonus of 4 major Variant drills to add explosivity, fun and super-strength to your core practice.

Whatever you are looking for from your pullups—be it agile survival strength, arms of steel, a massive upper back with flaring lats, Popeye Biceps or gape-inducing abs—it’s yours for the progressive taking with Convict Conditioning Volume 5, Maximum Strength: The One-Arm Pullup Series.

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