Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Convict Conditioning" Ultimate Bodyweight Training Log

“When It Comes to Serious Training, You Keep a Log Or You Fail…”

Save Yourself From Failure—With The Ultimate Bodyweight Training Log

We’ve all heard the phrase “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”. And never was this more true than in the quest for strength!

So, what are the two golden keys, or secrets to bending the flesh to the spirit’s desire?

The first secret is the system—and the system is dedicated, organized application over time. And in the hard world of strength that means keeping track of your goals and measuring your progress. When it comes to serious training, you keep a log or you fail. The sins of sloppiness, haphazardness, laziness and disorganization lay waste to our dreams of physical achievement—and sabotage the best intentions to beat our flesh into righteous steel. We invite you to exorcize the demons of weakness from your flesh—with a “religious” dedication to tracking and measuring—Convict Conditioning style.

The second secret for strength success is inspiration. In this stunning companion to his bestselling bodyweight exercise masterpieces, Convict Conditioning author Paul Wade, goes far, far beyond the traditional log book—by delivering a bucket-load of inspiring stories and jewel-like training tips to push you forward in your quest for ever-greater strength.

This book is the first-ever training log designed specifically for bodyweight athletes. Other logs are structured to contain sections where you detail the amount of weight you used, the type of equipment or machine you worked out on, even what your heart-rate was and what vitamins you took today. You won’t find any of this distracting information in this log. It’s a log for pure, unadulterated, hardcore bodyweight training. We provide the inspiration and the structure—you provide the perspiration and bloody-mindedness to seize the plan and make it happen.

There is a window of opportunity awaiting you. The strength gains that have continued to elude you can finally be yours. That window of opportunity lies within these pages and within your heart. Bring it!

Sample page spreads from the "Convict Conditioning" Ultimate Bodyweight Training Log:

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