Sunday, April 01, 2007

Holy Week To Feature World Premiere Of "The Case For Christ's Resurrection"

Officials for Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the world's largest religious broadcaster and America 's most-watched faith channel, announced that the network will air the world premiere of the inspirational and challenging documentary The Case for Christ's Resurrection April 4th at 5:30 p.m. (PST). Produced by a team of veteran scientific researchers, historians, forensic scientists, botanists, theologians, and biblical archaeologists, the feature-length program analyzes historic records, an ancient burial shroud, current medical knowledge, and scripture to build a compelling case for the death and miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Did Christ really rise from the dead? How credible is the evidence for His Resurrection? This documentary DVD investigates the historical record, draws upon medical knowledge, searches for evidence in the lives of the Apostles, explores ancient Jewish burial customs, and—with new scientific technologies—examines the burial cloth of Christ.

A team of experts in theology and biblical archeology, with over 90 major television documentaries to their credit, are bringing Scripture and science to bear on a question that men and women of faith have struggled with for centuries: Does indisputable evidence exist to prove the death and miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ?

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Did Christ leave us physical evidence that only now, with quantum leaps forward in science, are we able to understand? The incredible documentary will play on television later this year, but has it NOW! Plus receive FREE 3-D Viewing Glasses to view the world's first scientific three-dimensional holographic image of the face of Christ... and MORE!



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