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The True Story of UFOs - Part II by Stephen Yulish PhD

In these continuing passages from my novel, The Great Harpazo Deception , my protagonist Col. Judah Meire interacts with his boss Dr. Lazant of the Remote Viewing Lazant Institute, the men in black from the above top secret government Ultra group, Mike Butrell, Deputy Director of the CIA and his colleague Major Kole, Senator Jordan, Chairman of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, and Captain Peter Knowington, Commander of the Christian Militia Group, the Joshua Brigade as well as with his nagging Jewish mother Bertha who he again rescues from the grasp of Azazel. These additional excerpts from that novel once more show my belief that UFOs are indeed real but are manifestations of demonic spiritual activity.

Judah went right over to the [Lazant] Institute. As he entered, he was met by two men in dark suits and sunglasses. They escorted him to the conference room where he met Dr. Lazant. They then instructed that the surveillance cameras be shut off.

"Colonel Meire", began one of the men, a man is late sixties with a scar across his forehead. "We are here to speak to you about what has been going on of late. We have been monitoring your movements over the past year or so." "Who are you guys? CIA? NSA?" Judah barked out.

"We are from a top secret government project. Very few people know of us or of our very existence or mission. We were created about 50 years ago after Roswell. We monitor UFO activity in the US."

"You what? I thought that the government has denied the existence of UFO's?

"They have and they will continue to do so. We exist on a need to know basis.

You have had numerous encounters with an extraterrestrial by the name of Azazel. Is that correct?"


"We know that the work here at the Institute seeks to establish communication with extraterrestrials. We have been watching Dr. Lazant for years. We know that he feels that they are spiritual beings of some sort. We don't care, however, what he wants to call them. We know that their contact with and abduction of American citizens has increased exponentially since 1947. We are convinced that they have been trying to alter our DNA. That has not worked as they had thought that it would, so they are preparing some large scale abduction of human beings here on this planet to prepare for their entrance."

"Who are you guys?"

"We belong to project Ultra. As I said, it is a top secret group that exists on a need to know basis. Anyone, and I mean anyone who breaks the code of silence will be eliminated."

"But then why are you telling me all of this?" Judah asked nervously.

"Because, you Judah, have a direct line of contact of communication that few others have. This Azazel has singled you out. If it wants you, then we want you. But nothing leaves this room. Am I clear?"

"Yes, I guess, but what about Dr. Lazant and the people at the Institute?" "We are fine, Judah. We have worked along with Ultra for years", Dr. Lazant answered quietly. "We personally believe that these UFOs are angels as you know. These guys think that we are nuts. So be it. We will continue to do our research and maybe someday we will be able to convince them." Pages 77-79

Judah headed for the CIA building in Langley, Virginia. It was not very far from Bethesda Naval Hospital or the Institute, for that matter, which was in Potomac, Maryland. Judah had built up some lasting friendships with the people there. One especially, Mike Butrell, was the Deputy Director, and he had taken an immediate liking to Judah. Butrell had friends in the Mossad who had spoken very highly of Judah. Also Senator Jordan had personally vouched for him.

That, coming from the Chairman of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, was enough for Butrell to ignore his doubts about hiring a former IDF soldier and Mossad operative. General Desporte at West Point also had vouched for Judah. "Hello, Sir!" Judah said, as he was immediately admitted to Deputy Director's Butrell's office. His secretary had recognized Judah right away and had called her boss. Butrell wanted him sent right in.

"Judah, my friend", Director Butrell said as he got up, put down his ever-present box of Cracker Jacks and embraced him. Butrell was a very tall man about six foot eight, and had a strong lanky frame. He had always wanted to be a pilot, but he was just too tall. He had settled for a lifelong career in the intelligence service, now spanning over forty years.

"What do you know of Ultra, Sir?" Judah asked, as he stared directly at Butrell.

"Ultra? I never heard of it", Butrell said with a quizzical look on his face. "What do you know of the work that Lazant is doing at his Institute?"

"I know that he is still doing Remote Viewing. Something about looking into space?"

Judah realized that Butrell either did not know what was going on, or was unable or unwilling to share it with him.

"Do you know something that we don't know?"

"Ask Ultra, sir", Judah replied angrily.

Judah got up and shook the Deputy Director's hand. He told him that they would be in touch. He walked out into the hallway and went up to the receptionist. Judah asked the office number of the man whose name Dawn had given to him. He was told that Major Kole was in room 513. When he got to the room, he took a deep breath and said a prayer before entering. He hoped and prayed that this man would be more cooperative than Butrell. When he told his name to his secretary, and she told the Major who was there, he could hear the man's booming voice over the intercom.

"Oh Judah, God Bless you. I have been waiting for you to come", Major Kole said as he came over and grabbed Judah. He was a short muscular black man with a deep black beard and coal black eyes. He welcomed Judah in and closed the door. He then went over to his desk and turned on a device that Judah recognized. It was a scrambler that would negate any attempt to listen to what they were saying.

"My wife Dawn gave me your name Major", Judah began with a smile. "I wanted to know who my Christian allies in the Company were. I just spoke to Deputy Director Butrell, and he was cordial, but either does not know what is going on or will not tell me. I'll ask you the same question that I asked him, Major. Who is Ultra?"

"Boy you get right to the meat, don't you son", Major Kole laughed. "You don't beat around the bush at all. I like that! You would have made a good Marine, son!"

"There isn't time, Major, to play games".

"Right on bro! Ultra was, as you probably already know, set up as a top secret group in 1947 to investigate UFOs. Very few people know of them. I honestly don't know if the President does or not. This is a group that people do not talk about. It functions in the shadows on a need to know basis. If you talk of them you are eliminated without question or forethought. Anything to keep UFOs a secret from the American people. As to if Butrell knows or not, I cannot positively say."

"Then how come you do, Major?" Judah asked with a feeling of concern. "And if you do, then why have they not eliminated you?"

"You really want to know, Judah? I've prayed about it. There is a group of us here in Washington. Some are CIA, some Pentagon, some Congress, and some Military. We have been very concerned about the rash of UFO sightings over the past decades. We have not bought the usual line of denial. Senator Jordan fell into Ultra quite by accident one day. We have ever since monitored them. Unfortunately many good men and women have given their lives over the years for this knowledge. Anytime they find out about one of us, they eliminate them".

But then I led them right to you", Judah said despondently.

"Don't worry about us. They know we are around, but they do not know exactly who we are. They especially loathe all us Christians, probably because we are the only ones that have figured out their agenda."

"How can they function above the law and the Constitution? Who oversees them? Who polices them?"

"Nobody does. Sit down Judah. I want to tell you something. When this group was set up in 1947, they had the best of intentions. They wanted to examine UFOs and to keep their investigation from generating panic among the population. They kept things very quiet. All of us in the Intelligence Community believed that these UFOs were real and that they were a threat, but everything was kept on a need to know basis. Then about five years ago or so, the Christians here in Washington who were in the Intelligence Community began to pray about what we should do. We came to the conclusion that these supposed ET's and their UFOs were actually demonic entities, not extraterrestrials. General Desporte and Senator Jordan were at the forefront of this revelation". "Judah, we believe that Ultra was compromised many years ago. We believe that they are either demons or men controlled by them. Ultra wants to keep the existence of these entities secret until they can overtake our planet".

"You are the newest member, Judah, and many of us think the most important. All that we have done has been in preparation for you. You need to find out their plans and expose them."

"I used to ask "Why me?", Major, but now I realize that it is a job that I must do. All of you have sacrificed so much to get me to this point. God Bless you, sir. I will do what I have to do!"

"Judah, if all else fails I want you to contact this man", Major Kole said quietly. "His name is Captain Peter Knowington. He is commander of a Christian Militia group in the mountains not too very far from here. He is thoroughly briefed on what is going on and will able to hide you out if things get too hot. You can reach him at the following email address. Memorize it and then swallow it".

Judah left the Major after shaking his hand and embracing him. He had memorized Knowington's email address and swallowed the piece of paper that it had been written on. Pages 93-95

"You are not going anywhere, Judah!" Azazel laughed as it flung a flaming missile at him. It struck the Captain in the back of his leg, and he began to scream in pain. Judah put him down behind him, and he turned to face Azazel. "I have you, Judah, and the leader of your ragtag Christian militia group right here where I want you. Before I roast the two of you alive, you will tell me where your New Petra hideout is, and then I am going to destroy this cell of resistance once and for all. Ha! This is the beginning of the end for all you rebellious Believers."

"Judah, what are you doing here?" The Captain [Knowington] mumbled. "I thought that I was in the middle of a nightmare. Am I awake? Are you really here?"

"Yes Sir I am", Judah said as he lifted the Captain up and put him over his shoulder to carry him back to the Helicopter.

"STOP!!!" sounded the booming voice of Azazel, "Don't move another step or I will incinerate both of you!"

Judah turned around and saw the ominous figure of the angel from Hell. Its black wings were raised high into the air, and it began to shriek an ungodly horrifying roar. Captain Knowington began to wail and shake at the sound of it. His body trembled so that Judah could barely keep hold of him.

Judah held up his Shield of Faith and waved his Sword of the Spirit in the face of Azazel. Just as he was moving in to confront this angel of the darkness, he noticed far in the distance what appeared to be his mother. Judah squinted his eyes but still saw a small elderly woman with grey hair and glasses. It was his Mom! She was being held in some sort of clear cylinder filled with a gas. She looked alive but was in a state of suspended animation. Her eyes were open but she did not look awake.

"You have my Mother, too, again?" Judah yelled, "You beast from the pits of Hell. I am going to cut your ugly pointed head off!"

Azazel bellowed once again and the entire area shook. Captain Knowington cowered behind Judah and moaned what sounded like a prolonged death rattle.

Judah turned around and tried to comfort him.
"It will be all right, Sir. Have faith. Do not despair, but call upon the Lord for strength for you and for me."

Captain Knowington just stared at Judah who held his left arm up as if he were carrying a shield and swung his right arm back and forth as if he were carrying a sword, but the Captain saw nothing. When Azazel flung numerous visible flaming missiles at Judah, the Captain shrunk down even lower as he prepared for them to hit Judah. Nothing happened. He looked up as another volley approached, and he witnessed how Judah held his left hand in front of his chest and the flaming missiles bounced off and hit the walls where they exploded like Molotov Cocktails.

Azazel turned and sent a flaming missile right at the container that held Judah's mother. It exploded as it was hit, and the gas inside was dissipated. Judah's mother fell to the ground in a disheveled heap.

Judah rushed at the beast waving his sword.

"Azazel, you will not destroy my mother or my friend. He that is in me is stronger than he that is in you. I have all the power of the shed blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. His going to the Cross to bear all our sins was your defeat for all time. The battles will continue but we know how the war will end. It is written in the Scriptures. You and all your kind will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire".

"Your mother is mine. She has not accepted your Jesus. She will be my prize and your torment for all of time!"

Azazel flew over to Bertha and picked her up in his powerful wings. She had slowly regained consciousness and now gazed at Azazel. Her hair stood up on end, her eyes rolled up into her head and she screamed and promptly fainted. Judah ran over to Azazel and sliced his wing with his Sword. Azazel cried out in obvious pain. He waved it again and sliced off a piece from the other side as well. Azazel could not believe that he was able to do that. It flung another flaming missile at Captain Knowington to distract Judah, but the Captain was flat on the ground and hiding against a wall so that the missile missed him by inches. It did rain red hot embers onto his already burned body and he screamed.

"Let me, Captain Knowington, and my mother leave this place", Judah demanded, "or I will destroy you once and for all."

"You cannot do that, Judah", Azazel yelled," Until our time on Earth is finished. You know that! It says it in your Bible." Pages 143-144

Remember, military aviation historian Trevor James Constable, said that 'the battle with UFOs is not for the planet of man, but for the soul of man.'

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