Sunday, April 15, 2007

NASA Releases New Photos of Martian Face: May Confirm Alien Architecture

NASA Releases New Photos of the Martian Face
Scientist Claims Photos Reveal Ancient Ruins

By Ranger

NASA has released the new ultra high resolution pictures of the "face on Mars." For just a little bit of background, In 1979, scientists studying pictures of the Martian surface noticed that on the Cydonian plain, there stood out, what seemed to plainly be, a giant face staring out into space. Over the years, scientist Richard Hoagland has studied a series of NASA images. Richard and other investigators have postulated that this face is in fact, ancient architecture fallen into ruin. This structure is one square mile in size, and part of a larger complex which appears to be an ancient Martian city, all fallen into ruins.

These latest images reveal details as small as a few inches, and according to Hoagland, appear to confirm the alien architecture hypothesis. Richard Hoagland and his team have doggedly pursued this story, and publicly pushed to have a reluctant NASA provide more high resolution pictures of the Cydonian structures. Much science fiction (such as the popular television series X-Files) and much public ridicule have accompanied this debate. These latest pictures appear to detail walls, windows, and girders. "The debate is over," boasts Richard, "I no longer need to prove that these are ruins, my critics need to prove that they are not."

NASA has methodically explored Mars for decades, but officially, any suggestion that there may once have been life on Mars, let alone intelligent civilization, has been brushed aside in favor of answering more basic questions such as - does water exist in liquid form on the Martian surface? Long before NASA officially admitted it, Hoagland surmised the existence of such liquid water. In another episode, photographic close-ups of the Martain surface snapped by the Martian Rovers, appear to contain tiny fossil-like structures, yet NASA has refused to comment on these images.

This is the third successful orbiter to take systematic pictures of Mars, and the most sophisticated. Richard Hoagland lobbied the government for years to have a camera of sufficient resolving capacity placed on this mission. It was a great disappointment that the exploration sites chosen for the Martian robot rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, did not include the Cydonian structures.

Good luck on downloading the NASA image from the University of Arizona website. The image is 300 megabytes. Hoagland claims this detailed image shows girders, windows and walls.

Hoagland speculates that this ancient city is 160,000 years old, based upon the relationship of the apparent architecture to the Martian horizon ecliptic in that epoch, just as the pyramids of Egypt orient to the ancient horizon of Earth. It could be just coincidence, but the name of the city - Cairo (the location of the pyramids) translates to "Mars." Other ruins near the "face" appear to be Martian pyramids, but have not yet been photographed by the new cameras.

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