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The True Story Of UFOs by Stephen Yulish PhD

by Stephen Yulish PhD

In my novel, The Great Harpazo Deception, Azazel is first discovered by Stephen, a remote viewer, who after leaving the CIA's disbanded spying project, joins the Lazant Institute and turns his talents to scanning the heavens for such extraterrestrial life. Stephen, along with a psychic, Endora, and a Harvard theologian, Rev. Shea, make the startling discovery. An Israeli Colonel, Judah Meire, retrained at West Point and unexpectedly yet miraculously born again, becomes their counterpoint working alongside a cadre of former U.S. army officers, the Joshua Brigade, and highly placed government intelligence figures. Judah along with his wife Dawn attempt to stop this deceptive onslaught of Azazel and his minions as the sudden abduction (harpazo-catching away) prepares to unfold.

Here are some excerpts from that novel which show my belief that UFOs are real but are manifestations of demonic spiritual activity.
Without warning the house began to shake. It was night by now, and the sky was dark and foreboding. The vibrations knocked the china off of the shelves.

There was no sound however as there would be in a tornado or storm. Suddenly a bright light shone in the skylights. It blinded Judah and Dawn. Judah thought that it might be an aircraft, but it was eerily quiet.

"What is it, Judah?"

"I don't know. Stay here I'm going to check it out."

Judah raced to the back door but it was difficult to open it. The pressure was so great. He struggled with it for a while and then broke it down in frustration. When he stepped outside he was further blinded by the light. It was a beam coming from up in the sky, but he could not see from where. He attempted to shield his eyes but it was difficult to do. He heard Dawn scream, and he ran back into the house.

"What happened?"

"I saw that dark creature again", Dawn babbled.

"What dark creature?"

"You know the one I saw yesterday in the hallway. What do you mean what creature? Come on Judah, level with me. I know that you know more than you are telling me."

Judah raced back outside and raised his fist to the heavens.
"Leave my family alone!"

Nothing happened.

He raced back inside and got his Bible and raced back outside.

Holding it to the heavens, he yelled "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!"

The light went out and the vibrations stopped.

Judah sank to his knees. He remembered how Endora had told them that Jesus was just a name. Nothing special. He remembered how Dr. Lazant and Rev. Shea had been thrilled by that supposed revelation. Judah now knew for a fact that it was blatantly false. The mere calling out of the name of Jesus had caused the blinding light to disappear. He had tapped into a power source beyond his wildest imagination. pages 15-16

Suddenly, Judah saw a large black shadow cast itself over the study as something moved over the skylight and blocked out the full moon. Judah looked up and saw a large saucer shaped object. He raced to the back door. It was still fastened shut with the police tape. He tried to unravel it but it was impossible. Once again he kicked it open. As soon as he got outside, he saw a huge saucer shaped object hovering over his house. It did not make a sound. As Judah stared at it, a bright beam of light appeared from the bottom of the craft and shot down to the ground right onto him. He felt frozen and unable to move as the beam lifted him up into the sky. He screamed as he moved past his rooftop, but no sound came forth. He looked at the huge approaching craft and noticed flashing lights all underneath it. He marveled at how quiet it was. His wonder, however, was quickly tempered by abject horror and fear.

Once inside the craft, he found himself on a table. There were small dark entities scurrying all around him. They were hairless with big black eyes. They seemed to communicate telepathically because he saw no mouth organs. Then out of the shadows appeared a large angelic like being. It was black with black wings and small white eyes. It looked at Judah and lifted up its wings to the ceiling and silently cried out some monstrous call. All the other beings scurried away. Judah recognized this thing as the Azazel entity from the Institute's Remote Viewing Project, the one that Stephen had been communicating with.

The next instant Judah was bombarded by flaming missiles to his entire body.

They pummeled him mercilessly. He tried to scream out in pain but no sounds came forth. He felt himself being consumed by this bombardment of blazing projectiles. Judah thought of Dawn and of his mother. His entire life raced before his eyes as he prepared to meet his Maker. pages 34-35

As Judah sped home to Potomac, the sky was dark and lightning flashed all around. Thunder bellowed from unseen cannons in the sky. The road became a mass of hailstones and his car swerved from side to side. He had to slow down to an almost crawl. He put on his lights and pulled off the road. After a few harrowing minutes, he could move again although it had to be very cautiously.

When he neared his beautiful Tudor style home, he groaned in terror. Above his house in the midst of the black thunderclouds was a huge saucer. From its base emanated a narrow beam of light. Judah raced into the driveway just as he saw his mother being taken up in the beam. He struggled to get out of his seatbelt, but it became all tangled. His mother was now above the roofline and all the while was in an apparent trance. She looked almost asleep.

As he finally cut the seatbelt with his pocketknife, Judah sprang from the car. He raced up to the beam but it had already deposited his mother inside the ship. Judah jumped up, but the beam was out of his grasp. He could not reach it. He lay on the ground amidst the hailstones and the pelting rain and yelled out in extreme anguish.

"Bring my mother back, you beings from the pits of hell", Judah screamed shaking his fist at the heavens. "She has done nothing to you. Leave her alone. It is me that you want!"

Judah then emptied his revolver into the hovering craft but nothing happened.

The craft suddenly disappeared from the Maryland sky with his mother onboard. Judah scrambled all around to try and figure out what he should do. He could not call the police. He could not go after them. What could he do? He thought of calling the Institute and speaking with Stephen. Maybe he could put him in touch with Azazel. He tried but everyone had gone home. He prepared himself to meet the enemy once again on his turf to save his mother, but he needed to be prayed up or else Azazel would devour him with flaming missiles. He also needed to bathe himself in the shed blood of Christ to ward off all the wiles of the great deceiver.

He did not know if he could save his mother. She was not a Believer and thus was open to the attacks of the prince of the air as were everyone, but she did not have the weapons of the Holy Spirit to defend herself.

Judah pleaded with the Lord to let him rescue his mother. She was old and frail. He did not know how much of this that she could take. He could only imagine her waking up in a strange craft and being interrogated by those hideous creatures of the night. It was almost morning now but Bertha had not returned. He knew that Azazel was doing this to get at him. First Dawn and now his mother. They would stop at nothing to continue to pursue their ends.

Suddenly, Bertha's body apparently fell right through the skylight without breaking it onto the floor in front of Judah. He screamed and ran up to her lifeless body. Bertha was barely breathing. There was a look of absolute fright on her face that scared even Judah. Her eyes were wide open as was her mouth. Her pupils were fully dilated. Her hair stood out like she had put her finger in the light socket. Judah gave her CPR, but she barely responded. He did not want to leave her, but finally had to go and call the paramedics. As he dialed, he abruptly thought of their probable reaction. Here was another family member of his unconscious without any apparent cause.

When they arrived, the EMTs quickly loaded his mother into the ambulance. Ironically, it was the same team as before with Dawn. They gave him strange looks. pages 45-47

When he got home, Judah just crashed on the sofa. These last few weeks had been exhausting both physically as well as emotionally. He dreamed that Azazel was before him once again. Its huge black wings were lifted up and reached nearly to his ceiling. It just stared at him through cold white pupiless slits. Judah could feel heat radiating from it.

"The end is near, Judah. Prepare for the abduction, the catching away. You and all your Christian friends that oppose us will be removed from the earth," Azazel bellowed. "We shall rule and reign on this planet for a 1000 years. We have been the princes of the power of the air, but soon we will come down to earth and cause tribulation to all who oppose us."

Judah stood up from the sofa and reached for his revolver but it was not at his side.

"Aha!' screamed Azazel as it flung a flaming arrow at Judah, "be consumed by the fires of Gehanna!

Judah recoiled as the ball of fire hit him. The pain was unbearable. It was as if he had been hit by a flamethrower. His skin crackled and he could smell burning flesh. Judah pleaded with the Lord to heal him of this pain. "Lord, you said by your stripes we are healed. Lord I ask that of you in Jesus ' name."

Then Judah prayed without ceasing for the Holy Spirit to put on him the full Armor of God. The Spirit girded his loins with Truth, gave him the Breastplate of Righteousness and covered his feet with the preparation of the Gospel of peace. He took up the Shield of Faith, the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit.

Azazel recoiled and became increasingly more angry as the flaming bolts now bounced off.

It shrieked an unholy roar that shook the house. It began flapping its wings ever faster.

Judah took up the Sword of the Spirit and screamed "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. I command you to leave this place, now!"

Azazel held its wings over its face and cowered.

"I command you to leave this place in Jesus' Holy Name. I plead the blood of the slain Messiah over myself, Azazel, you beast from the pits of Hell!" Judah yelled boldly as he stood right in its face. Judah took the Sword of the Spirit and swiped it across the face of this monstrous dark being. Azazel covered its face and continued to shriek. Then it was gone.

Judah woke up and found himself on the sofa. What a nightmare that had been, he thought. He remembered every detail as if it had really just happened. As he got up and walked into the kitchen he found several pieces of china had crashed to the floor and broken. He thought that there must have been a sonic boom from the nearby military facilities, but curiously it had never happened before? When he went back into the living room, he found a burn mark on the carpeting where he dreamed that he was standing. Judah sat down and pulled up his shirt. There was a large circular scar in the middle of his chest where the burning ball of fire had hit him in the dream. He touched it but there was no pain although it felt warm. Judah put his head in his hands and thanked God. Then he began to sob. Pages 55-56

Remember, military aviation historian Trevor James Constable, said that 'the battle with UFOs is not for the planet of man but for the soul of man.'

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